Sunday, 27 December 2015

Soon all these things will be forgotten again.

If the scum that run the money publishing and crypto counterfeiting scam get their way all this will be ploughed under again as we are returned to fallow fields. It is not by accident that the Gobekli sites are in danger right now. One can be sure that some sort of ballotechnic will be released if push comes to shove in order to trash more evidence that destroys the illusion of conceited ersatz balylonian forged construct.

We know that the western MSM publish rubbish imaginings about things than never happened as cryptofact and coercedassertion and deny the existence of holocausts and genocides that left millions of dead persons lying around as cryptomyth and truthdenied. So take every word they emit, every page they transmit and every face they show and wipe your arse upon it every day.

The Latte Stones of Mariana Islands | Amusing Planet

As an aside I would recommend that, as well as keeping your thunderbox well supplied with MSM bogroll, a shiny pair of stahltoecappers should be kept in good condition for applying to the genitalia of any and all flat earthers one may meet, at high velocity.

Make sure they are changed from round ballers to flat ballers pronto.

I would also suggest that anyone stupid enough to pay attention to anything Kubrik said be sent to the orthodontist if the flat balling didn't work.