Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Perphappenstance Perpchance in Perpatagonia. Gadgerrhea.

Another leakage from over the other shop since even though the HW will be massive and deadly, in fact I would postulate that the lethality space will drive warriors from the kill zone finally, its progenitors, initial conditions and quiet safety zones are being/have been established  now and deserve highlight and consideration here.

As many have noted, the recent images of the SAA liberating Homs, reveals how real events happen. No sign of a ZioSOROSNazi BBC/CNN/SKYmerde blood coloured revolution agitprop false flag exercise gone live. No Rothpuke bands playing with themselves on staged CIAstages. No massive ISIStoyota print jobs for Bilderidiot freedomplacards deep throated for the engineered events. Just ordinary people free from NATORothdeathsquads and the fear of rotting RCEWasabbipsychokillers.

Just ordinary people free of the disease that Rothshits and Sidekicks Inc. (Purveyors of death to the nations), a NATO non profit charity and RCENGO that every one else pays for, spreads freely in the world.

In fact there should be a new word that encapsulates the beings, work, workings, properties and character of the servants of evil collectively known as the Rothshits and their Rothbots hivemind ex vacuo. This word should indicate two things.

  1. That the Rothshits are themselves thick subordinates. Think Peter Sellers to Terry Thomas.
  2. The Rothshits and their fellow travelling dusty red donkey clients are synthetic toxins in ALL their works. Think Sarin to Curare.

I would put forward the word gadger (n.), gadgooze (v.) and gadgoozine (adj.), for your considered usage as one of many new verbal spermatozoa that will seed the free language we will bring into being. A language so free that should any one infringe on our liberties by trying to make a non word of any part of our lexicon we can instantly apply high velocity pain relief to that vector, since that act of censorship will reveal them to be our immediate touch point to the gadger web.

The idea of the global benefits of the free pharmacologist bringing the pharmacy to the needy is now upon us.

Anyway over at the other shop I parked this as reblog

Also of note recently was the Japanese activation of the International Counterterrorism Intelligence Collection Unit early.

“So what’s this got to do with the price of a fish supper?” I hear you moan.

OK let us start with the first one. There is a little problem in the game plan that has been running on the beige in the Big Boys billiards room for some time now. Once they have had the dead ladyboys and phukknuns removed from the tables, again, and all surfaces steam cleaned after each slakefest, no matter how much coldcall magik they use, they still have to face the problems of geography and logistics.

How to get their gadgers to get South America fully integrated into the next big one?

Filial ties will not work as it did for the USofA corp. in the last chapter of the ongoing work. So something else will be needed. It will also need a natural fault line to make management of the process an order of magnitude easier.

TPP is the initial start to get them involved in the Eastern end of the HW. The Philippines will also be used as a propaganda tool since it is easier to have the pain and destruction delivered in the lingua franca of that part of the HW into Santiago and Lima. All the while the terror networks will be using the logistics set up to run a metawar more aligned with the business strategy out of TriBorder.

I would note here that Brazil is going to have much more of a connection to Europe/North Africa and the NigerianWasabbi holy criminal networks CIASIS uses into TriBorder. Brazil is deep, deep Bolognese and so its interests are more aligned with the greater Mediterranean project and Atlas. Just look at Brasilia, waiting patiently like Washington DC did.

It needs no prompting to consider the Patagonian safe haven and its imported population of gadgers,

The second item merely indicates that the, already in place terror teams support networks in Japan, have been activated. Expect some sort of operation involving MILF or some such Wasabbi skryptomentalists with an NK spin, to be pulled off soon.

When one sees that kind of article one knows it is a signal to the quiet gadger networks, not information for our consideration, it is definitely not news.

If one has travelled in MC1 and made careful note of stylings/behaviours, one can see the low level gadgers, in place long, long ago, as they go about their sleekit daily business. Osaka is after all Rothko1, gadger central for over 150 years. I would also look for gadger networks active in Jomon archaeology and any government sponsored land give aways in northern Honshu/Hokkaido.

It should also be noted that the major dormer boroughs in London, where the Japexpats used to be housed, have been having their long established gadger rentiers decanting now, all of a sudden. I would look at any gaijin hangers on from the London gadger dormer boroughs relocating into Japan, very closely. Especially any troupe of circe du folly clowns disguised as artists.

Mind you the most important have likely gone to hide in Patagonia? Perhaps they have gone to take over the old National Socialist kibbutz U-Boat bases in Queen Maud Land, BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA.

On a sad note we can see that from this perspective the joy in Homs will be short lived and one can be sure that not one of these newly freed joyous innocents will be welcomed in the west, ever.

Any Rothschild Corporate Enmity, whether Tel Aviv, London City, New York, Beijing Shanghai, Patagonia?  cannot stand happy people, it drives the gadgers mental with hatred to see happiness.