Friday, 11 December 2015

Gigantic Calk Stalks stalk the World

Maurice Pinay: 'Paris Menorah' design is based on Judeo-Supremaci...: The Arch of Titus was built 10 years after the sack of the Jerusalem Temple (70AD) by Titus' brother Vespasian. It is a correct depic...

I notice the rendition on the Arch more faithfully represents the donkey cock worshipping of the ever wandering, dusty red donkey driving, Apiru cru than the obviously magikabbalah styling from the fevered ramblings of layabout, workshy mongminds centuries ago.

The Yemen(Sheban) angle mentioned by Pinay is food for the mind and an old recipe for a Wasabi 

 cover for the Chapatees

operating in Indonesia/Malaysia. The same Rothamite money created/inflated both scecreeps and it should be noticed that the RCE/TA pirate base and Sand Pirates came to plague the west at around the same time, post 1945 once Europe was finally laid waste.

I mean which bit of the relationship RCE/TA=ISIS=wahabbi=chabad=Mongheathen=Ba’aNYLON is unclear?

There is a great little call to the faithful from the chabad site that has many, many points that could take forever to deconstruct its overall conceit however it is a cracker in its self delusional warning of Môn heathen crypticmurder und gegentot.

" May 6, 2014
Moslems in Indonesia
claimn they have faith in Abrahamic religions. If true, they should not ban
Judaism practices in this country. My human fellows, Indonesian Jews, keep
strong. G-d be with you.

(Maju terus, jangan lelah)
Amin Wahyudi
Rembang, Indonesia"

Now I do not want to ruin poor Amin's day but I suspect that what really gets his Judas is that the ordinary Orang really hasn't taken the Abrahamic psychotic murderous shit to heart and therefore hundreds of millions of the Orang need to be removed.

What clearer indication of a massive Môn heathen corrective event coming up for the non compliant?