Tuesday, 29 December 2015

On Religious. Or. On IR. 37.

The Vampir was not the first German Infrared System, airborne NJG systems had been operational for some time, but by the end of the war in 1945 it was the most compact and advanced system they had. The technology itself dates back to before the German war economy started in 1943, when engineers, circa 1939, developed the first infrared rangefinder for German light anti-tank artillery. This was improved and some heavier direct-fire artillery was equipped with it as well. As those who read here will know your correspondent is tracking down evidence that the hot shots in Baake’s fuerzes espezial had some sort of night fighting tech., this might help to make sense of their astronomic kill ratio. By 1944 the Germans had developed a version flexible enough to be mounted on the Panther tank, operational around Budapest 44/45, and by the last year of the war were ready to issue the man-portable Vampir system.

In order to make clearer the utter nonsensical nature of what the disposable whiggers in the west believe and what is the likely truth we only need to consider the legend that is Manhattan.

The whigger false god of infallible consumerist technology for fools, delivered nothing, allowed parasites to swill champagne for decades, terrorised the societal unit and caused global pollution. Just like Trotskyites, Marxists, Moneterrorists, Anyschoolists, Communists, Chekists, Hitlerists, Rohmists, Jesuits, Zionists and all other manifestations in the pantheon of chimerical mindpuppetry, the whigger Consumechists need to burn wealth and lives in order to stagger on in their baleful existence. So do not confront them with a mirror or you will be murdered.

The contorted aborted deliberately made sterile mutation of actuality that masquerades in given history known as the child of the Milanese squash court legend in Chicago, the royal hoochrunning gangster town, which had as its sole objective death dealing and claims to be the “first” of its kind in whiggerdom, is nothing of the sort. This weird vision conceived in poverty, imagined in well read ignorance, that required the whiggers to undergo contrived false war, universal rationing, universal imprisonment and universal denial of their humanity was a failure.

The wealth required to sustain this fiction until all who were there are dead has starved the whiggers of all rationality. They have gone and eunuchifide themselves.

And now that they have killed themselves the child of others’ creativity will be used to save those who no longer exist.

“Cameron also said being Christian made Britain a country tolerant of all faiths.
“As a Christian country, we must remember what his birth represents: peace, mercy, goodwill and, above all, hope.
“I believe that we should also reflect on the fact that it is because of these important religious roots and Christian values that Britain has been such a successful home to people of all faiths and none.”” http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/dec/24/prime-ministers-christmas-message-applauds-armed-forces

Dovid me old sunshine I wouldn’t want you getting all expectorant in hopes of a second porcine coming, so when I state without fear of contradiction that Britain has never been a Christian country don’t be all disposed to disappointed droop and flaccid phallus worship Divod. Britain has always been a base of operations for your cultic Divud and the suppression of the whiggers requires a brutish broadcast within the UK Herd Attention Space all day every day. In the old days that suppression of the UKabos radiated from your cult’s stone built parish watching and informing towers, where your priests of ignorance wisely emitted cretinism, today it irradiates Fraud’s psychological Môn heathenism into the herd from Albert Sq... Truly a rectal feral foetal faecal womb of pestilence, injecting King Prion 24/7, straight into the brainstem of the sacrificial victims. Hi Tech stone aged phuqqwittery, no more advanced than ripping the living heart out of a fool at the top of a pyramid scheme.

Instead of imprisoning your test subjects in a work camp and subjecting their gonads to massive roentgen loading your cult makes the whiggers pay to get their brains fried by creative XRaySpecs lovies in soapy work camps and gated communitarian plantations, where the great unwashed are excluded from the gift of your inclusivity.

If it is so easy to do these difficult things then imagine how child like it must be to construct a religion.

All it takes is time and money.

Derren Brown. The System.