Wednesday, 30 December 2015


China Defense Blog: Caught in the middle of a crossfire: Currently there are a total of 434 PLA UN peacekeepers being deployed to Lebanon as part of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNI...

Here are our ChiComm chums scurrying around in Chaldea disguised in UN Blue. Forget the UN Blue and think John Company Marines for the 21st century. Now that the latest crop of UN/corporate foundation Chicommercmercs have been grown for consumption, the ChiComms have abandoned their unnatural one child policy.


Anyway how come the commercscum in London City have spent 200+years, and counting, and 500million dead persons to stop Russians getting to the Med and yet the ChiComms are welcomed in to have bases and ports all over the Med?

Watch Malta closely.

Well it should be clear now that the ChiComms have been re-engineered into Apiru. So we should be looking for slow release of Silk Road archaeology supporting the one world Apiru civilisation from 10,000 years ago. Here we will get RCE/TA suddenly finding that they are nothing to do with the west and really were long lost tribes of wandering ancient dusty red donkey drivers of antiquity. Gold runners, knowledge slavers, hostage transporters and breeding mare procurers. Ideal meatsacks for the off world John Company to come.

ChiComm units and military have been parkedeployed in Djibouti, Chaldea, Turkey, Med, Egypt, SW Afrika, Southern Rhodesia(50+ years and counting, just ask Mugabe) and Lebanon/Golan/RCE-TA/Jordan.

How come the ChiComms are welcomed with open arms and yet our brothers in Russia have been terrorised for centuries.

As with all these things the actual body of men being used hides the real mission which is to have agents of destruction on the ground for use decades later. Just like medium level German staff officers visiting USSR in the 20s.

At some point we are going to get a great big “sudden” rediscovery of an ancient “Apiru” city/civilisation somewhere between Jerusalem and Chunking. Currently the Apiru smell comes from dusty French archeoteams in the Oxus valley system. That is what all this destruction of ancient classical cities and monuments is aimed at. The New Apiru will brook no competition for their false history, as usual everyone/thing else will be removed. Once “revealed” the completion of the RCE/Tel Aviv pivot to the East will be completed and the Môn heathen can them pimp off the next sucker.

Some things to consider.

  1. J20s in IDF colours? When?
  2. ChiComms making on the ground contacts for use in Western China, esp. Afghanistan?
  3. London City. Anti Europe Apiru shit hole?