Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Distracted again….

H/T noor

15 years out….…and what do we have?

Well there I was scanning through the back issues of “Turning and Burning things for Lads 2001” looking for a particular ref I always stumble over when not looking for it, not finding it this time no matter how hard I try, and then two things heaved into view. One out here.

  1. http://www.phoenixisrisen.co.uk/?p=7505

This reminded me of the posts I dropped in 6 years ago about the high frequency trading scam really being about time servers. I.e. time shifting, not delaying, the algorithms’ executions in the massive theft engine known as FinTech. If the “breakaway” moonsloocers want to know where the open end of the financial system is then it can be found in Singapore where the binaries get browned in time.

One in there.

  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2001/10/27/us/lockheed-wins-200-billion-deal-for-fighter-jet.html

It is now 15 years since the LM/NG/BAe sabotage and crime syndicate got the green light to develop the F35.

WASHINGTON, Oct. 26 Ending a fevered five-year competition, the Pentagon announced today that it had awarded what is expected to become the largest military contract in American history to Lockheed Martin to build a new generation of supersonic stealth fighter jets for the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. The contract, which was announced after markets closed today, is expected to be worth more than $200 billion and calls for Lockheed to build more than 3,000 of the relatively low-cost aircraft over the next two decades. Anticipated overseas sales and maintenance contracts could double Lockheed's revenues, industry analysts say. — ''The Lockheed Martin team was a clear winner,'' said James Roche, the secretary of the Air Force, who was in charge of the selection process.”

So that is 20 years, count them, 20 looonggg years since the competition kicked off seriously. 1995-2015 and nothing operational like a Spitfire Sqn circa Sept 1940. Now to put that into a certain perspective it is 36 years since I read a piece in a T&BfL about the proposed Jagdflieger which is now the RAF Turnip and after gazillions of £ Sterling, flies with a shit load of concrete in it. So much for discretion, agility and fighting capacity. So what comes next is not just a slagging match aimed at the Yankees.

To put that into perspective. 20 years of F35 phukkmuppetry and money theft, the Hawker Hurricane(1934) would have missed the Battle of Britain and dog fighting with MiGs over the Yalu in that time frame!

“Oh you are being cruel you terroristsympathiser” I hear you jeer.

OK let us take a really challenging spec then.

Mach 2 nuclear bomber.

From kick off in 1949, I’m being generous, the B58 would have missed Dr No, Dr Strangelove, Dr Zhivago, Korea, Suez, most of Vietnam and the 6 day war.

“Yer being too selective you khaaant” I hear you scoff.

OK let’s take the worst possible case, new airframe, new power plant and new concept.

VSTOL strike fighter built on a shoe string budget.

The Hawker Harrier would have been just in time for the Falklands.

You’ve got me. Mea culpa. I was being too critical. Spending a Squillion bucks over 20 years for nothing is just fine.

So can we expect F35s taking down perps in 2016 over the DMZ?

I’m not taking this defeat lying down. As mentioned previously, the F35 reminds me of the Bolton-Paul Defiant or Blackburn Roc. B-PD=UK’s biggest waste of a good RR Merlin ever. In fact the B-PD reminds me especially of the F35B, tactically flawed big time. What the fuck are the Marines going to do with an airframe handicapped by the propulsion system so drastically? Seriously, I could take an F35B down with a sack of flower!!

It also reminds me of the UK equivalent of Bomber B. The Avro Manchester. Barndoor airframe. Bad engines. No range. No warload. Wrong concept for the task at hand.

“Look turdsmurph, bring us up to date”  I hear you chide. “Can it really be only NATO/USofA corp. that cannot build a war system these days?”

Well no. LCA immediately springs to mind. However India at least has the excuse of bringing itself into the 21st century from the 16th century. UK is going from the 20th straight to the 14th century on an express elevator by comparison, all on autopilot.

To sum things up USofA corp. is somewhere in that dark space UKplc occupied some 65 years ago. All the wealth is stolen and burned; no thing can happen without bankster paper publishing, rationing is at hand as the folks with real wealth buy everything as part of the plan to make them poor by bankster device.

Somewhere between the V-bombers and TSR2, where cancellation of everything after wards is on the cards. That is where USofA corp. finds itself.