Saturday, 5 December 2009

Wankstator Denvers in Deniers.

Dwong Mungstirring Aresbites

If you have ever seen or been with these dwingbats then you have to come away with your head in your hands and tears streaming down your face. Not because The Trunkarsh Ming Beam are in season, but because you realise that there is no hope for humanity.

These slobs will believe, in fact positively welcome, the moonsloosing bark music of the unreality bubble. No real life for them. TPTB must piss themselves at the total freak noisery of their howling.

Timing Extraterrestrial Disclosure

Govt shuts down UFO-hunting unit.

If you’ve ever watched these guys locked in a room together you realize two things.

After many hours of infinite schpeiling nothing has been said.

The whole thing doesn’t lack for food. Fat bastards. There be no famers ‘ere, unless they be other otter utter udderless nutters.

The characters involved break into three groups.

The sincerely bamboozled and trying to work out WTF is going on.

The attention seeking psychopaths who have relished there is money to be spun out of the fearful/deluded and beguiled.

Those who do not fear for their next meal.

The first group degrades into several subgroups. The attention seekers. The Counterproofs. The COINTELPROs. The medicated.

The second group dissolves into, the Government agent now allowed to speak. The accredited operative with government background that know how to talk crap and get away with it. The medicated.

The third group warps into wingdingdingding bboboboooooo medicated. The lost. The prey. The dead.

In all these meetings there is always someone from off world present.

According to highly sourced individuals in this ecology Gary McKinnon is to get the nylon and fluorescent romper suit because he found out that the USSS Curtis Le May was involved in officer transfers!! In Low Sugar Chewing Gum.

UFOs appear at every corner and USOs can appear under aircraft carriers without notice. Tale after UNreferenced tale after UNprovable factziod by witness statement givers. You can step into a room at Denver Airport (Fucking weird place though) and appear on Mars to have a light snack and watch Glenn Millar play.

It is just more moonjoos poured throughoot the sloose to keep that terrifying wee moose running aboot the hoose in moonboots. Das Boot. Dive dive dive unter der doovet!!!


With the stench, Sturm und Drang, ear violence and thought shredding this lot put out they should be shut down.

They totally discredited Off World Made Global Warming.

Gordon Brown produces so much polluting arse bark.

He’s either a Cold War Warrior sent from the Infra Red or he’s Slitheen.

Remember there is always someone from off world present.

Beam me up Sooty.

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