Thursday 17 December 2009

UK plc. Our Armed Forces have been Hi-Jacked.

War as business planning.

Ever wondered why our lads and lassies are dying for nothing in someone else’s graveyard?

Ever wondered why the protests, like this one, never got any MSM coverage and were ignored by our elected reps/perps?

Why the disconnect?

We pay for these forces but the orders for their use come from the Criminal Oligarchy that likes killing and stealing other folks stuff.

They overtly covertly use guys like these, Blackwater-Xe

However if you look through the following you may come to some interesting conclusions.

The Business of War.



Not as opaque as OPEC.

10 Reasons to Oppose the Escalation of War in Afghanistan

Privatizing Combat

There was a posting a couple of days back that put all this into a clear argument but I cannot find it again, so I’ve put it together as best I can remember. It merges my arguments about the big universal spreadsheet sheet and the business plans. Business plans for wars to steal stuff using our sons and daughters that are wrapped in commercial confidentiality, secrecy.

That is the disconnect.

There is a shed load of kit being paid for by us through eternal debt financing for delivery around 2015, Chinooks, 2 phekking monster flat tops, a load of F35s, another C17.

What business plan are these for?

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