Sunday, 6 December 2009

Are we contract killers?

If there is a big hit on the USDollar, UK plc your in this also, then the relative pecuniary hitting power of NATO declines significantly.

Remember I asked you to look at this? What I’d call a light on the history of GOLD and deep occult history.

The little bit of history reeling how the Imperial ChiComms lost it didn’t tell you anything about the burning of the Imperial Palace, as sign from God, or the dragging of SE Asia into rebellion because of the demand for hard wood.

The collapse was retold by the marketing guys in Mandarin Manhattan as a simple ban on contact with the outside world. Then the Manhattan Portuguese turned up.

So if there is nothing absolutely nothing, de nada, null point, zero, zilch, void holding up the USD?

Then what spoil will the marketing neuralmewphs call it when there are no more USofA forces posted overseas?

They might give it a grand title for use in future approved non denier history morphs as isolation, but I’d call it shamanic poverty.

What happens then when the Mandarin Mandarins turn up body hunting?

Heads up.

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