Sunday, 16 August 2009

You have to see as they see.

201 dead and they don’t care. They’ve been rehearsed over and over again to emote for the camera.

Every faux freedom put in statute another nail in the coffin of freedom, and they don’t care so long as they are the chosen.

All the false modesty in their espousal of duty of care and still they don’t care.

Every public action a scripted gesture to history’s carefree scribe, and they don’t really care.

If you care they don’t care.

Whatever you cherish they will care to destroy and corrupt, for they don’t care.

Year after year we let them get away with it, isn’t it obvious to you they don’t care.

We are abandoned with no recourse to redress, only the duress of those who don’t care.

Our wealth is to be handed to others and our lives pauned, for they don’t care.

What do they not care for? Us.

For what do they care? Their narcissistic glorification and the oppression of our spirit.

On that flimsy film of tension they bet our lives.

Gordon Brown duplicitous malignant ignoramous, does he care about anything other than himself?

Tony Blair charming turncoat spinning psychopathy’s corrupted child, does he care about anything other than himself?

Peter Mandelson invisible shape changing doublespeak counter NaZoviet chameleonic chimera, self seeking creature from the Foundations test labs.

What’s to follow?

A good measure of how you will behave in the future is how you behaved in the past. Likely replacements are not skilled enough to carry out the dark biddings.

So look into the shadows just off camera and you might find the thugs to finish the job off when the hammer falls.

And they definitely will not care if thousands die for their masters bidding in Helmand.

Heads up.