Tuesday, 11 August 2009

9/11 was not an inside job. The Pantechnikon of reasons why. 4 of ?

Typhoon coming through, second quake shaken all over and they are getting bigger and nearer. So with that, and the fact that my mate Tim the tube driver didn’t understand what I was really saying in part 1, I’ll summaries and get on with it before the ground swallows me up.

In 1 I tried to show what Western Govts will plan to do with Continuity of Government (COG) in mind. I basically related that the UK Govt. didn’t rate the USSR nukes aimed at London. They feared that the Soviet nukes would not go off with the force expected and UK plc would have a city full of half irradiated people and a massive civil control problem. Solution? Set off your own nuke, stuck up a tall pole, during the Soviet attack guaranteeing sterlisation of London and no more civil control problem. Hence the particular properties of the BT Tower in London.

In 2 WTC7s cover mission was to make us think controlled demolition with respect to WTC1 & 2. Once we “uncovered” that fact we would stop researching.

In 2 & 3 I related that exotic physics was weapon tested in WTC 1,2,5 & 6.

As always each individual element of the story serves more than one narrative or inside job.

So lets look at the simplest of the bunch. The Mob Hit.

If your Mob was in danger from the G Men and you had the power to take the G Men out would you do so? Of course you would you’re a Banksta Rapa.

On Sept 10th 2001 “"According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions," Rumsfeld admitted.” http://benfrank.net/patriots/news/national/pentagon_missing_trillions

In so many accounts of the Pentagon hit it is stated that the wing attacked was empty due to refurb. This was not true. There were pentagon auditors in there trying to find the $2.3 trillion.

They were hit. The Army financial management/audit area and the Naval Command Centre. BOOM!!!

Convenient? And the money and more is still missing. See SOLARI link at the top of my blog page for Catherine Austin Fitts discussion of these monies and more.

As I said in a previous rant only one of the 911 inside jobs stopped on that day, the snuff movie, the rest continue diffracted in various ways into today. An example of this being the attack on the world finance system 9/11/2008 when 550 billions was automatically sucked out of the system by machines.

It is reported that this “caused” the current financial meltdown.

NO, the current financial meltdown is a deliberate use of weaponised finance, the infrastructure for which was put in place in the 1990s. The repeal of Glass-Steigel did not do anything other than allow the targetting of these financial weapons at home rather than solely abroad.

The theft of wealth from Japan using the Yen carry trade, the theft of wealth from China using US securitised instruments, the theft of all your pensions UK plc using the stock markets means that UK public sector and UK private sector pensions will no longer exist.

Remember that fact UK plc when you are told that there is no money for schooling, health, public services, burials, old age pensions and you are expected to die at the workbench. That news is coming SOON. They can find all the "money" in the world for financial alchemy and necromancy, but none for you who've paid with real money, your sweat and your talent.

Remember that Gordon Brown, the financial genius, was in charge when they put the technical infrastructure in place to complete the process of stealing ever single penny that you ever had.

If you check the way Labour/Tory control of UK plc works you find that Labour introduces the social change desired by TPTB and the Tories use coercion to establish the change. Good old change management theory.

So what’s in store for us?

Some commentators notice that Cameron has gone all quiet. That’s because he’s finally been briefed on what’s expected of him when he gets into No10. He’s filled his breeks!!!!!

Remember the miners’ strike? Remember the lines of men who realised that their livelyhoods and that of future generations were going? Well replace men with families soon and you’ll get a flavour of what’s coming. If you protest you will be revealed as not being with the program, negging the system, ingrateful bastards protesting that all you ever had and hoped for has been stolen with the connivance of a Labour government.

When the dust has settled expect the “Leader” of UK plc to be the descendent of someone who’s family came out of Europe after WWII with deep links to SOVIET/NAZI, CHEKA/GESTAPO operations.

Go on get digging.

If you find NO data before 1946 for one of your candidates family trees that’s a giveaway.

The time for these crypto NAZI/SOVIETS to stop using local front women is coming to an end they reckon they’ve so demoralised us that they can take over as the screaming front men. Just like the Russian leaders pre revolution they’ll be full of oratory and great speechifying, you’ll want to believe everything they promise.

Once in power their Common Purpose disguised schytzoid, psychopathy will come out and all non compliance by you will result in a trip to the re-education camp.

Further negging and non compliance will result in you being force fed a lead pill casing into your forehead in a quiet Katyn like idyll and the bill, to be paid in tax credits, being sent to what remains of your family as they struggle to survive in an abandoned pigsty somewhere in Norfolk.

Apply the rigorous voting methodology laid out breifly in a previous post to avoid this situation.

They don’t like it up them!!! Corporal Jones would never have let them darken his door.

For UK plc what’s coming is a deliberately engineered Continuity of Government crisis on a European scale

Heads up.