Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Beware of puppies they'll kill you.

The lack of lead pills flying and inhabited carbon based life forms falling from a kneeling position into a trench, a la CHEKA, has had me banjaxed for a while. The lead pilling is old hat, they’ve got time to slowly remove the unwanted.

So I finally put the pieces together by accident as I was clearing the altar of sacrificial heifer.

If you step out of your hovel and don’t say boo to a ghost, you have swallowed the full diversity, reverse discrimination, self hating moonshine they will still not be happy for you have not done what they really want and that is to die.

You have survived and not really changed.

So how are they going to clear us out, and out of the countryside especially.

Well this is part of it.

Imagine you step on pouchypoos eensyweeny tootsie, there will be a pooch lawyer on site pronto and your collar will be right royally felt.

Now I’m not in any way advocating animal cruelty, what I wish to bring to your attention is the madness of it all.

This is rabid belief systems in action. You won’t be allowed to keep a chicken in your garden or freehold or allotment. Anything that gives you the slightest bit of independence from the drugged up food processors will be terminated.

The farmers will be driven from the land, Kulak style, and the whole country side converted to a Chase for the elite.

You are hated, you must be removed.

If this lot get their way there will come a point when I will put one of the last ever steaks on my BBQ, their mates at HMG will allow me one last pint in a paper cup and that will be that. Off to the re-education camp in the morning.

So sometime after my mate Bill’s mega birthday party Dec 21 2012 just as the world ends, which BTW should be one mega party, we’ve been planning it since 1994 when we first got wind of what the Mayan’s had been banging on about, the fact that Pope Gregory synchronised our calendar with the Mayan also gave us pause for thought. So when Nibiru turns up and the poles shift and the continents take a flying leap round the surface of the planet we’ll be to pissed up to care. Next morning, if we survive, should be one hell of a clean up situation.

Sometime between that party and the last portion of fish’n’chips being served I’ll be enjoying the last free BBQ. After that it’ll be time to join the resistance.

I mean meat free Monday, sausage free Tuesday , burger free Wednesday….get a grip. Dead cow on a stick keeps us functioning and able to resist the clowns that want to enslave us.

It also shows the continuation of a particular psychopathy that cannot deal with human beings a psychopathy fully revealed in the workings of doublespeak NaZoviets everywhere today.

Heads up.