Monday, 24 August 2009

Destruction of demand=destruction of knowledge=destruction of freedom.

Back in the Smoke courtesy of ANA quite literally top banana.

3 weeks and 2 days in MC1 and what can be reported? Well one item I picked up on in the JTimes recently was that Japanese families will be handing over stack loads of cash every year due to “environmental” legislation. As with the UK reportage on this topic we never get to hear about WHO is getting our cash. Just who is sitting on their lazy arse collecting millions and millions of payments every day for doing NOTHING!!!!????

Another little snippet came in the form of an observation that lots of J youngsters are not aiming at anything. No job prospects means they don’t want to have anything, no bike, no car, no holidays just nothing, curious.

So this is after Japan’s lost decade that the clowns we elect and the MSM have been yapping about. A lost decade that we also might face they say, really!!!

Well who engineered that then?

To explore that topic lets go back in time.

I take you to a secret meeting sometime in the mid 1990s. At that meeting we find the top European automotive talent has been gathered. Leading the discussions is of course the Germans.

The message had been relayed the previous day that within 20 years all of their assembly plants would be gone. (The deliverers of this unwelcome news had grieved and briefed the bosses of the industrial conglomerates to whom the talent looked for beer vouchers at a meeting earlier near Colonia Dignidad.)

This secret meeting had been called to address the issue of the termination of the current mode of industrial automotive production within Europe. Not to debate the issue but to work out how to move away from mass production for world markets to manufacture for local markets, local markets that would consist of users not consumers.

At first there was stunned silence, not only was all they knew to be consigned to the waste bin of history but they themselves were not wanted in the future society since they were reactionary counter faith based reality deniers.

One particular voice at this meeting let it be known that his organisation was going out in a blaze of glory. The best, fastest, most luxurious and well developed vehicles were going on the roads so that no matter what happened in the next century those vehicles would stand for ever as the high water mark of automotive technology.

It was not the first time this kind of final fling had happened to an industry. The USofA had been allowed its Apollo programme; UK had been allowed Concord(e).

Now as I’ve mentioned before my mate Ram, the putative porn star, and I used to scratch our heads in the early noughties trying to work out what was going on as we looked at the new cars on the streets and coming down the pike. It wasn’t just super cars it was everything that the Germans were up to that forced us to come to the conclusion that someone had decided to push the pedal to the metal of automotive excellence because time was short.

Someone somewhere knew that this was the last chance to get rubber on the road that seriously moved.

Back then we couldn’t see what was causing it but we do now, hence the motor fiction above.

If you want a job, if that’s what you can call it, or a niche in the ecosystem of faith based economic activity, you cannot have been exposed to pure engineering in a rational industry.

You must believe in the paradigm that human activity is bad and flora have more merit to existence than any inhabited carbon based life form.

You may find people who are members of Greenpeace in the casting plant for a diesel engine manufacturer but the organisational structure and knowledge base for this kind of industry runs counter to that needed in a faith based economy.

As a member of a faith based economy you believe that your latest fart might be the cause of landslides in the Valles Marineris wiping out rare fauna and flora within Solar’s ecosystem. In that kind of society you’ll believe anything you are told, and let’s face it you are never going to go and check out the facts because your green credit card won’t let you, that last fart of yours just grounded you for the rest of the year within your ecocell.

Britain is full of these faith based organizations where you spend all day in your pen calling strangers up to gun down their objections to what ever you are flogging. The FBO ltd uses training in objection handling to get you to con people out of their money, known in the real world as brain washing techniques. Once you’ve got their debit/credit card details they are screwed. Oh and the FBO ltd can flog that info off overseas for $1 per hundred.


Don’t think you can escape, if all your economy consists of is FBO ltds then you’d better believe or you’ll starve. You certainly won’t be procreating!!!!

So that explains the Volkswagen/BMW/Merc Veyron, Phaeton, Gallardo, Cayenne, X6, SLR, Continental GT, Q7, Maybach, Phantom etc. then.

What comes next will be wheezing around at 20kph and restricted to urban roads. Even in the countryside the vehicles of the wealthy will be sporty 50kph beasties, hence the idea mooted recently about reducing the country road speed limits. All they are doing is signaling to us that our personal mode of transport will not be fast.

Have you seen how the Veyron and the RR display what you need to know about the vehicles output, that’s called grooming you for rationing?

Right now the planned destruction of global demand is being rolled out. The destruction of demand will allow all those precious targets to be reached that the polar bears demand. Reductions in outputs that little pandas cry themselves to sleep at night over. Emission cuts that rare orchids have composed works of genius to celebrate. Moon music and cyclic cherries are endangered by the counter faith based reality deniers.

Does this matter to you?

It should because the destruction of demand goes hand in hand with the destruction of freedom.

The destruction of what would be termed employment is also part of this process. The deliberately unemployed or underemployed are not free.

The useless non entities that are constantly mouthing off about these targets seem to find it impossible to do real things.

Real things like stopping OAPs from freezing every winter, real things like allowing real education provision, real things like equipping our troops adequately, real things like stopping real war criminals, real things like stopping depleted uranium poisoning of millions, real things like hospital cleanliness and care for the infirm. Now if they cannot do these real things then it is axiomatic that anything that they claim they have done is an unreality.

Always suspect that their claims on the environment and related issues that they claim to be able to do something about are a huge confection of deceit. If they lock us down in an ecofriendly prison camp we’ll never get the chance to disprove it.

That’s part of what is happening. They want a quick fait accompli before we’ve noticed.

Faith based economic activity seeks the destruction of knowledge that can challenge its absurdity and the secreting away of real knowledge to be accessed by the few.

Heads up.