Monday, 10 August 2009

Chimera In Camera

So General Sir David Richards who takes over as Chief of the General Staff on 28 August reckons we are in for 30-40 years of tooling around South West Asia does he?

Apart from him being given shares in John Company to keep him interested what else could be keeping him enervated and expectorating?

Well technology could be giving him a mild flutter in the serendipity. What technology though?

All the stuff below is operational and details can be found on any of the good DefTech websites so I'll paraphrase to give you the flavour of what can be done from a desk top in your attic.

Imagine that you've had a take away late one evening and then gone to kip. During the night you have "awoken" only to find yourself paralysed in bed and the vast dark form of the Ecsquisitor standing at the foot of your futon. The Big E is here to erase you from time and space, to expunge you from history for being a useless entity. Oh merde!!!!! With great relief you wake the next morning, though puzzled by your experience and quickly form the opinion that the provider of your take away was using magik mushrooms from the local nature reserve to save on inventory costs. It’s the only explanation, you rationalize.

So you plot revenge. Your cousin can get things done. So before you know it your local fast food emporium has four magic tea bags marking it out in target space. You told your cousin that you know the owner is there ALWAYS collecting every Monday morning at 9am sharp. Leaving 15 minutes later with the takings and his bags emptied. So at 9:07 from out of a clear blue sky the building and the occupants get the juxtaposition of their constituent parts rearranged massively. Sweet.

Now imagine your targetting problem is vastly more complicated. Imagine that the Capo dei Capi of the local mob has been causing your Capo di Tutti Capo some problems. The local is very elusive, he’s on home turf after all and keeps hiding in caves, using the cover of the local steep valleys, tunnels, donkeys and armoured burkas to move like greased shadow quick silver around pulling off hit after hit on your foot soldiers. What’s to be done? You’ve tried the magic tea bag solution and that didn’t work. Thermobaric bombs, DU pollution, hearts and minds arm twisting but to no avail. He’s still there thwarting all your boss’ plans.

This is where deep intelligence comes into play. The local boss being a scion of the main family there had been sent to Harvard to finish his very expensive private education. There he was inducted to one of the many secret societies there that provides the future social network for aspiring commanders of the PIGPISS. However this soc had some peculiarities in that the young fellas would dress up in lingerie and skunk knocker. Harmless fun behind closed doors.

Anyway years later the intell agencies get a whiff that our local hero liked the underwear bit of the ceremony so much he has them flown into his country from Paris every month and parades around in them under his stealth burka. A plot is hatched whereby the next batch of skimpies will have nano RFID chips incorporated. Once the wearer gets in range of the drones, he’s toast.

Oh the best laid plans of mice and men. Unfortunately the local Capo dei Capi has let his current boy friend into the societie’s secrets so that when said boy friend attends a big family wedding celebration the machines take over and substantially rearrange the body parts of all those attending, not to mention the juxtaposition of the local geography.

Now this is all current stuff, but what really interests me is the 30-40 year time frame our Sir has in mind. What’s he been let into, what’s the nod that has been sent his way.? And does this fit in with John Company?

One of the things that has always intrigued me is the public acknowledgment/encouragement by Blair of the tinkering with DNA. Edinburgh, Dolly the sheep, and in his own neck of the woods Tony Blair encouraged stem cell research. This stuff is given cover by there always being involved the words “ethics” or “bioethics”. These appear in the titles of some of those involved usually.

Between 1989 and 1996 I was lectured to by several business schools and on every occasion, bearing in mind the composition of the attendees/students, whenever business ethics was on the curriculum I would always think “Who the fuck are you trying to kid” as earnest faced academics and business persons laboured heroically to convince me otherwise. ETHICS on a Pirate ship!!!!

Sure enough by the time the evidence was in, around Y2K, it was clear that “business ethics” had been a cover for the construction of the biggest money stealing, wealth destruction to MSM, machine ever devised.

Ethics in this DNA/Bio research area are cover for what then?

I reckon Chimera.

Why Chimera?

It is unusual for UK plc to invest in tech. We’ve deliberately de-industrialised and have nothing to trade. Yet we invest in this tech. Why? What could the pirate ship want?

How’s about 24/7 combat operatives, hardened to nuclear and bio weapon attack.

I’m going to detour slightly over to a debate recently on Nickie Goombas’ site, , where socialized medicine is being argued over with some important contributions from UK plc with regards to the shambles in UK NHS. The ins and outs are being debated on an effectiveness and efficiency basis without addressing the central issue which colours the UK contribution to the threads on the site.

Socialised medicine is good, as long as you the people take total control and take the basic point that the best medicine anyone can have is clean water, nutricious food, heat, light, shelter and a pollution free environment.

Beyond that you start playing into the hands of economic theorist quackery and most dangerously, behavioural economists. Remember these guys believe that they should not have to work that’s why they are academics/foundation bitchboys.

So why did UK plc get socialized medicine?

We were a great big petri dish, that’s why. They could carry out nationwide experiments on us on the cheap and on the fly. Now they’ve got what they want all the good stuff will be hidden in private clinics and UK plc public gets NICE.

If USofA is to get socialized medicine it is to ration and remove, forget the other arguments, and provide a larger captive experimental population for the petri dish. When you hear “ethics” or “ethicists” in this context think “cover for killers”.

So with that diversion over it’s back to Afghanistan. With the basic military demand for a more effective man in the loop, machines cannot yet do everything, the foot soldier needs augmenting. All military missions are part of business cases so the need for the optimal soldier is part of that business case.

Remember the pig that glowed and the goat producing spider silk from it’s udders? Military personnel, esp pilots, are already on drug cocktails to keep them alert over extended missions. If troops are to operate in/near EMP/Radioactive blast then armour them. If troops need to phase in and out of reality they may need genetic stabilization.

So what’s the research going to produce in UK plc then?

Chimeric troops that never sleep, have scorpion genes to harden their skins against radiation and bay like wolves as they peer into the near future in the battlespace?

That’s just the start, ‘cos once it’s proven militarily the current economic quackery means it will rolled into the workplace.

How do you fancy working 24/7 at the checkout, projecting marketing muse music at the shopping inhabited carbon based life forms, and pulling flys out of the air with your reptilian tongue?

John Company’s wet dream.

Wake up. It’s all being prepared in camera.

Heads up.