Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sensible or weird. How will WWIII kick off?

What was it like before WWII kicked off.

Now there are different start dates for different people but being UK centric I’ll use 1939-45 since it is obvious we are going to be the cause of it again.

Now there are two ways of doing this, the sensible and the weird.

Looking round the world in 1939 where was the ammunition being expended.

North America….nah back to the sensible later, let’s go weird.

Burma has been hard at it building some big sticks.It’s getting even more complicated down there in South Asia.


Norway’s hard at it building bunkers


Now how much of this is Logan’s Run and how much is for real I cannot say,


but I know what a big fat defence budget delivers.

It delivers C5s, B1s, F15s, F14s, F16s, Carriers, AD Cruisers and shed loads of choppers.

Now 2000-2009 there has been even more splashed and for the life of me I cannot see anything for the money. Nothin’ flyin’, floatin’ or turnin’.

It’s not all been stolen, nor has the wars consumed the money. Where has it gone?

What have we got? A useless CCTV network, H/T Obo today.

Now I’ve been watching this for 30 years now and if I were on a long journey I’d want to land here. DIA. Very, very weird place. Though the days of the MHC are gone this is where the US will get screwed I reckon.

Finally in a trail of not so unrelated weirdness what if the Shark dunes on Bimini are covered Imperial Chinese Naval Junks, now what would that do to Fleet?

Especially if the true Chinese emperor puts in an appearance soon!

Heads up.