Friday, 14 August 2009

The age old question. Hairy Bikers or Two Fat Ladies?

Going to visit the Mikasa today down Yokosuka way.

Didn't realise that the ship was built down Hairy Biker way, but should have guessed.

Anyway this got me to thinking about Oran.

And the curious halting of the German advance into France after summer 1940.

Now call me overly complex but I can smell a big turd in the wastepaper bin here that’s got the runs into today.

Apart from the volunteer Groups

Spain kept it’s nose out of the big one. I smell an old, old secret treaty at work here. In fact the Iberian question illuminates certain aspects of Texan reconquista malarkey today.

However my main question is still why is Spain suddenly kicking ass? They own Abbey in UK and seem to be buying up US freeways and infrastructure like mad?

Heads up.