Friday, 28 August 2009

More Afghanistan background.

Did C4 news pull the Holbrooke monstering Karsai footage from its lunchtime news?

I got the screaming and yelling at the intro and waited for a repeat in the main body but no.

Did I miss it?

So what is the Master of Disaster up to?

Well our Kissinger chum and Rothschild scion seems to turn everything to crap when he heaves into view and when in Vietnam he and the Nobel Peace Prize winning beastie boy made sure everything went swimmingly. Just like when he turned up in Yugoslavia.

So he’s after a Nobel Peace Prize I’ll bet and being a good disciple of Kissinger that can only mean millions of dead people locally.

I'll bet he’ll try and go one better and get some nukes to go off there just to make his case for the prize cast iron.

These twerps were knee deep in making sure that the whole Vietnam tragedy was a fuck up from all points of view apart from theirs.

And that’s what’s coming in Afghanistan. Watch this it’ll take 8 mins, lessons are deliberately not being learned.

Heads up.