Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Psychopathy and Narcissism, it's in the genes.

What to turn to now?

The list is endless.

John Prescott, that'll take a year or two to sort out the packing densities.

William Gibson, when did he sell out?

No let’s get tore into TPTB. If as seems likely there is to be an attempt to put in place the One World and all it’s machination machinery then it is axiomatic that TPTB must have bred enough of themselves to fill the important life supporting niches therein.

Now this is an important point not fully realized by most commentators because it is so obvious.

When was the last time you saw an advert in Jobcentreplus looking for Head of a UN Secretariate of some sort?

I mean if Prince Andrew can represent British business at Davos 2009 then you’ve got to ask the question, “Just what the fuck has 8 decades of representative democracy actually done in UK plc. Why doesn’t the grand daughter of a Gorbals Pal represent us? Why doesn’t the great grandson of a Cornish tin miner represent us at Davos? No it’s one of the blood.

Now bearing in mind, as I’ve mentioned previously, all TPTB do as they lie on their private beaches covered in SF2000000 is work out which sister or 1st cousin they are going to park their knobs in (mothers for the moment have been ruled out since there is enough of TPTB progeny at the moment and even they get the genetics), is how to get their beaches back?

Well the One World project might do it for them. However there is a tension that is for ever present in TPTB, for every one of them that lets the psychopathy rule there is another that lets the narscissism rule. One lot want to kill us the other lot want us to admire their naked bodies!!!!!

So if they’ve finally got enough bodies to lord it in the environmental niches of the One World system how have they done it?

Well back to the post Chimera in Camera, and a warning.

For every syndrome that has resulted from the shagging of close relatives to keep the bloodlines pure there is research being carried out to sort the mess out. The results of this research are dual use.

Whilst the technology will help unscramble the furball that is the genetic result of brother/sister union it’s also the technology that will be used to give your progeny two heads and bat wings.

In the future job market it’s not education that will keep your gruel bowl filled it’s physical attributes. “You want to be a Night Watchy? Show me you can look both ways and hover laddie!!!!!!”

The gene therapied progeny will lord it over the chimeric ruins that should be human beings in the glorious One World.

Heads up.