Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Toasters don’t go to electronics heaven!?

One of the problems of becoming a nothing is that sooner, more likely sooner, or later you disappear.

I was going to ask Flanders about this but I don’t think he’d be up to it since reading his feelings about getting taken down by an angry Korean theologian. I don’t know why Flanders thought he was dealing with a half Jap, Akira has always reminded me of Koreans, the most well balanced angry people in the world. Akira would have been a great Tiger in Vietnam. So perhaps he won’t be in the mood to deal with a tricky ecumenical matter.

Anyway I know that what follows will seem incoherent, even for yours truly, but that is another thing we have become. Incoherent. Those who are incoherent disappear. WTF do I mean by that? Well let me moot that those who pray coherently prevail. Those who do not pray coherently become extinct. Well then guess who worships coherently for their masters? Guess whose masters pray coherently every single day? Now I don’t want to get all mizz on you but, Europe you are going the way of the Etruscans, Greeks, Romans, Iberian Gauls and Picts. I don’t suppose that you even consider that you are worshipping Babylonian sun at WasabiTesSainWalHSBBC. Well you pray there every day and no one makes you do so. That is unforced, sweet, compliant, free coherence. Sweet.

Which brings me nicely to Korea.

As I mentioned yesterday at the other shop the Jimmy C has returned to port for “repairs”. Now I make that less than 4 weeks real mission time. Now you and me we know that the reason for going all SSN is to disappear for endless months in the deep, deep, endless, endless months. So this must have been a test drive round the shopping mall car park, learner driver stylee and it got “damaged” all plastic fender bender plastique stylee.

This brought to mind the “western” sub ops in the Philippines during the 1970s picking up some of the non existent IJ gold stash. “Western” can only mean UK, French or Aus SSKs. I think we can see London gold pool at work there.

Which brought to mind the whole idea of black projects. Now you and me, we will think “Skunk works”. But what about before that? I mean low observables is an ancient concept. Aircraft that were LO have been skulking around since 1915. Lockheed’s P-38 was an LO design from 1938. And what do you think a dirigible is? I mean you’d have to be blind not to see one but you’d never hear it sneak up on you all stealthy like in the dark. Task task, tsk tsk.

Special operations black projects were the province of gentlemen’s clubs, think Sherlock or Bond, BTW what have all the Jamesh Bondsh been doing this passed 25 years? The same as the previous 100 years. Business as usual of course. Not working in our best interests contra the prop and agenda we’ve swallowed. Do you really think MiHiCIAARSSADBND give a flying fuck if we get fried? As I detailed years ago the UK government was going to nuke it own citizens because of a perceived failure in Soviet fission/fusion theory. One cannot have a load of half nuked subjects staggering around all Walking Dead style. Can you?

Anyway the gazillions of dollars later the west is being flooded by “guerrillas”, “agents of a foreign power”, “fuerzes epeciales” and foreign mercenaries. All welcomed in by our EU/NATO Quislings to kill off the European peoples. And that is doing a disservice to the good name of Quisling.

So which bit of this do you not get?

You can be sure that the gentlemen’s clubs have put their agents into place there to get that headline provoked on schedule. So here is the narrative that you will see pumped out into NATO, esp. UK, childkiller pimping & hiding, racist, anti European, sandshuffling, camel shagging, child slaving, perp accomplice FAUXGGTSNOREMSM soon.

“The Eastern Europeans deserved to get nuked. They are inherently racist.”

The old plan of the 1930s has not changed.

Anyway what was I going to ask Flanders?

Well if I replace the word Latin in the following sentence with a selection of any or all of the words France, Spain, Germany, UK, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden does it make sense today?

Over the period of 600 years the native Latin population in the peninsula was replaced by aliens of Chaldean (Babylonian) origin.

Now don’t be getting all happy crappie about that because once the Latins were gone the next thing that turned up was the terror of the sun worshipping priests and their renditional confessional.

Which bit of inquisition don’t you get about your electric appliance spying on your every thought?