Wednesday, 3 February 2016

RCE/LC slavers presents; This Bus Driver Kicked This Refugee Punk's Butt After He Refused to Let the Guy Ride Free: "He kept beating the idiot senseless" | The Daily Sheeple

This Bus Driver Kicked This Refugee Punk's Butt After He Refused to Let the Guy Ride Free: "He kept beating the idiot senseless" | The Daily Sheeple

Reversing the scenario, this item reminds me of an incident a colleague of mine witnessed on a Transport for Livestock bus in the slaverunning transit camp known as London. It was an early morning single decker coming out of north Barnet and heading southwards for Colney, full of school kids, buspassers and assorted collateral.

TfL buses are expensive to import and stacked full of CCTV, disability access and carriage features by statute, fauxGREEEEEEN(e.g. see bendy bus fiasco) and there are never enough people to drive the vehicles because to live in London one needs to be a warcriminalmoneybearerlauderer.

For some reason the lowing flocks of work dead corporate UKorpzombies….oh forget it.

Anyway the bus deceiver was a newly arrived bearer of enrichment.

An old lady got on the bus and before the decripitbitch got to her seat the deceiver had accelerated the bus hard into traffic. The geriatricnearlydead barrelled to the rear of the central isle and then the deceiver hit the anchors so that the carehomealmostcorpse then flailed forward and bounced onto the deck. One more useless eater delivered to the NHS Pathways to Soylent Green.


Now you may object to that language oh UKakos, but you actually want these outcomes other wise your conzentrationslager would not be an operational base for globalperps and harvesters of dead persons. You would actually be concerned that your Kapos have decided that not only are you going to get dead children’s byprodcuts in your soft drinks and makeup but you are going to be getting the remains of GMO humans in your consumer products. Which bit of Gryphinburgers in the chill cabinets don’t you get you hairy handed HDTVphukkwitz?

Anyway I do like this guy's take on things. Take it away Doctor...

BTW one can be certain that if any Saxon tried the above prejudiced enforcement of its cultural norms in UKplc, there are no Saxons, ethnically cleansed, left here in MiddleSaxonland or NorthSaxonland anyway, but if there were any left to drive Saxonbuses on Saxon bus routes, the Saxon bus driver would now be arrested by the UK 5oh and banged up in a prison for life with all assets seized.

The cultural enricher would be getting invited to David Moshe Cameron’s bitchpark to deliver Reith Memorial lectures to Common Purpose graduates, a free pass to invite all its family guided by Vaz/Boothchambers (Khaazistotheperpmasses) and champagne stretchlimos, sex slaves and cocaine delivered at public expense to its luxury gated community apartment.


London City, human trafficking GCHQ. Everyone has HDTV but no one sees a thing. No one here give a flyingdeadchildkorps because they are all bought into the system that keeps them in psyopboyharlotrops and steam powered phukknuns. All to be replaced soon anyway.