Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Thorium by way of Nell Gwynn

Your correspondent dropped by for a bit of culture and verily enjoyed himself. China Town was rocking for the coming year of the monkey, Shaftesbury Ave was choked and chokka, the tube system was not on strike but was sweating nicely that is how you run a business, as theatre. So your correspondent parked himself and awaited Gemma to entertain again. Stonkingly good stuff it was.

Now talking of stonking, take a swift peak at one of the latest from Submarine Matters.

That is as succinct a round up as of Feb 2016 of the general situation that you can get.

Now if you recall what I was saying around the Space Clities of Mars/Mobility Kill and Overstretch outings in 2011, you know, the ones with the photo of a dead Christian child just out side the gates of Aleppo and sanctuary, from 100 years ago. If you recall those mindburps then you will know that from this blogger’s point of view the above perspective is all wrong since only rational human beings would view the world so. We know that the bankster world view makes no sense to us hence the so called “mysteries” of history. Crime is the default setting of trade and commerce. True sacred trade, the bedrock of all false commerce i.e. TPP, Common Agricultural Policy etc., true trade is universal slavery golden death.


USN must know that their flat tops will get what the RN flat tops got in the Med 1940-1 if they wander into the SCS. I mean which bit of RAF screwing over the RN air capability do USN CAGs not get F35stylee?

The Philippines need to be viewed as a sort of SCS Poland, just square miles of Earth surface to be used in a higher calling.

The Island defence chains were blown wide open long ago and the whole view needs to be inverted. With the following caveat.

The thin film surface of the Earth has become lethality space too dangerous for human occupation in a real war.

When Lady Castlemaine related to Nell that both were nothing more than kept pleasurebitches and Nell would get thrown back into the sewer to rot when the bewigged monarch tires of her, we should pay attention, for this is the correction needed for our political astigmatism. Money publishing allows one to publish any history one desires before it is written by your bitches’ scribes, enacted by your bitches’ military and accepted by your bitches’ kept pets. All CFR and Trilateral nations are headed by kept bitches just one fait COMINTERN faux pas away from the no longer lime lit lime filled ditch. The further up the food chain the more banksterspunk filled the supplicant. SNP Salmon has a gut full of it, UKako Cameron might not be able to walk straight ever again and Ashton has been genetically modified by the amount of EUbanksteroil forced into her transhumanist shell. (BTW Nell would have KO’d our Caff mentally and physically)

So what would I get my local keptpolibitches to do for me out East?

Watch for a reunited Korea under, clear you lenses, sit down, and take a deep breath, NK leadership. Not under duress but welcomed with open arms by all Koreans.

Now you might not get it but to the banksters it resolves the untidy situation of the old equality lingering all unsaid by spunksoaked MSM hyperbitches for 70 years.

Japanese Gold=Mercury=Uranium=Thorium

So with the far NWestern End of the HL currently on fire nicely at Aleppo, that unexpected K-Pop move should seize solid the far NEastern End and ensure a smooth move out through the Philippines for the ChiComms. Now don’t be thinking that the USofA corp has any real say in these moves. At the bankster level view of things POTUS is just a gaping fanny and it stinks. India is a far more enticing dolly now.