Tuesday, 23 February 2016

R&D Bunauschwitz. Or. On IR. 40.

………The Ashkenaz propaganda has created a Jewish victim in holocaust indoctrination centers across the globe for profit and guilting other peoples into allowing Jewry carte blanche. It is a one sided view of history, as when Jews were outside their Creator in the Prince of Peace, the Messiah, Jesus the Christ, they embarked upon more heinous realities than what the Nazi's are being condemned for.

Let us review World War II for a moment in what really took place. Adolf Hitler wanted the Jews who were communists out of Germany. The Jewish Ashkenaz elders though did not desire this, as Jewry wanted a massive death, so after the war, they would gain a homeland.

Ghetto Jews were sold to be slave labor to the German state, like Slavs were, like the French were. These concentration camps were work camps for war production. The Germans did not waste resources or people as that is what Germans did. These workers were treated like all slaves to get 12 hours worth of work out of them every day. These Jews became sick and malnourished when allied bombing cut rail supplies. Starvation then brought on disease and the pictures people think of the "holocaust".

The holocaust did happen, but not in the way it is propagandized and not in the numbers of dead. All European peoples had like numbers of around 1.5 million people perished in each national group………..

……………It makes one think a bit differently about history, when one discovers buried in it, is a Jewish holocaust of Romans over 1800 years before the German "holocaust" of Jews. The Jewish slaughter of innocents though, was more reprehensible, as they were not defending their homeland or their people. They were just exploiting a political opportunity as invaders to genocide the native peoples in Cyprus and North Africa.

Let that permeate into your thoughts.
Jews as victims have excuses made for them in murdering other peoples, but Jews murdering people in crimes against humanity for genocide are intellectually cleanse from history, to allow the myth of the Jewish victim to prevail………….

- Lame Cherry”

At the moment this blog is of the opinion that the Apiru can be defined as the currently existing remnants, and ersatz recent recruits, of the logistics system utilized by the original thieves conspiracy to take over the first civilisation’s religion/surplus/currency for return to the age when megalithic yards and nonnumeric mathematical science prevailed.

It is our current thesis that this secret action was the first part of a self sustaining psychogenetic ecosystem designed to restore, not create. The Apiru have not changed their primitive practices. Chameleon like they are the stealth tapestry upon which the mission is facilitated. We are the woven threads upon which it is enacted. They are not jews since we take it as given that Yahweh was a recruiter for the Apiru when he it hijacked the tribes skulking in the Sinai under Moses (or whomever they were).What was your true handle mush?

However the jews have a problem since they are trusted to be untrustworthy by the Apiru. A simple sensitivity experiment is all that is required to bring the servants of the Apiru to the Apiru masters’ heel. A manifestation of the Apiru mind infestation can be seen in action by the Bolshevik murderers being recruited out of New York’s East side in the early 20th century.

The racial/demographic profile of the Apiru changes slowly over the millennia but there is one constant in their limited world view, their disability, they simplify administration, from their master’s point of view, by worshipping one entity. They are monodogmatic and thanatophagic.

A subset of that singularity being monotheism. A better example of their cloistered monomaniacal belief system is false money, there can be only one money system and that is shuttered though endlessly published.

So atheist bankers are Apiru. Atheists are Apiru. Monotheist leaders are Apiru. When you’ve got atheist money lovers you have Apirucru like Goldmansucksgodcock and Talmudickcommiepsychos. All these monodogmatic retards are the spoor and dropping of Apiru. Down the ages they can be identified in history. Just look for the massive numbers of dead persons who were going about their lawful business not harming anyone and got all unalive. Bengal, Ireland, Libya, Canaan, Russia all the soil there is enriched by the unhonoured dead of hundreds of millions of Apiru sacrifices.

As of this date this blog considers that the following equality is vital to our understanding of everything that has happened, not the Dolan equivalency, not the Autin-Fitts omissionary, not the Breakaway Civilisation theorem. All these are too intimately linked with the Silver/Gold bugs exemplified by Maloney/Morgan

and the Bitcoin failure that Max promotes.


It cannot be otherwise since that is why the gold was hidden in the first place. Isn’t that so Oppenheimer? Duh!

Now don’t get me wrong I love all these guys and read/listen to them avidly. Some of them are part of my magnificent 7 after all. The guys who will ride into town with six shooters, long guns and knife skills to take down the bad guys. However when push comes to shuvv not one of them has realised that every number they use is false.

So with that in mind we wander back into Thorium.

Give them the messianicmanicmaniancurrency and they will murder on any scale. Classic Apiru matteriasupermens.


The process in reverse can be witnessed in the Jopsephus/Saul character sneaking off to join his Apiru placemen, after sallying and sashaying through Arabia Felix, Apirucru who had been working their way through Rome since the days before the Punic wars. Apiru Punic and definitely Ba’al Hammon child sacrficiers.

They all fail the healing gold test.

Just apply it to the Apiru keptpetpopulation and they will talk, script and write any poisonouis bollox required, or they get put down livestock throatcuttingstylee, ergo modern Apiru GMO toxic animals like Marx, Smith, Hubbard and Fraud are fools’ fools. Weaponsyetms.

Here is an example of Apirucru weaponsystem chaff and spoof at work.

“What about the claim of Dr. Len Horowitz, a Harvard-trained epidemiologist, that HIV was a bioweapon authorized by the Jew Henry Kissinger? What about the research of so many Jewish geneticists and biochemists that is being used by the Pentagon to create lethal bioweapons?

What about the Jewish nuclear scientists who promote nuclear power even though we have no way to manage its lethal nuclear waste that is poisoning the environment? And what about the nuclear weapons they created, whose 2000 atmospheric tests have left the world swimming in a sea of lethal radioactive fallout that is the real reason behind the epidemic rates of cancer?

What about the Jewish officials at the FDA and USDA who refuse to regulate the tens of thousands of synthetic chemicals flooding the environment, who ignore cell phone and WIFI radiation, and who turn a blind eye to lethal mercury in the vaccines mandated for American children?” http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=9012

I would not trust the author to be anything other than operational Apiru counter measures. Why? The thought would be completed by a healthy mind. Remember Apiru are disabled humans. The researching would in complete form then proceed as follows…

…….What about the Apirucru jewish nuclear scientists, Apirucru jewish biochemists, Apirucru jewish managers that successfully participated in the German research into “lethal bioweapons”, “what about the nuclear weapons they created”, “synthetic chemicals flooding the environment” all of it done under the Nasties that hated the jews so much they had them tucked up nice and warm in their comfy billets in Auschwitz.

Only when the Soviets realised that their scientific professions were stuffed with limited Apiru minds did the word go out that the Soviets were anti-semitic. “Anti-semitic=Anti-fukkwitz”. Remember that when the fuckkwitz were murdering tens of millions of Russians. Ukranians, Latvians, Estonians, Fins, Tartars, Cossacks, Chechens and on and on it goes, everything was kosher as far as the fuckkitz infested west was concerned.

In USofA corp General Alsos was just a front for a troupe of Apirucru fuckkwitz that got paid to fail massively in everything they did at huge expense. Oh I’d love to sit all day swilling pink trombones, mixing heavy metal daiquiris, buttwelding peyote reports back to Vancouver and Ciudad Juárez and getting false history written about how great I was. As I’ve mentioned before the collection of failures that ran away from Eastern Europe to drip around USofA at taxpayers expense, Like the lizard Szilard the tard, legged it from Europe because the RED murder army was scheduled to roll through. No way were they hanging around for that. The ran away to slope around poolsides and DC cocktail parties because of the Nasties being all unfriendlystylee? Really? Einstein was nothing but a great big fake Hollyweird failure of a high speed gaseous centrifuge, how else do you get your hair to look so B-movie? Shagging your own close relatives? Can you imagine any of the Hollywood physicists stuck in a Soviet paradise gulag working? Oh FM!! Only native Russians did that. No,  no, no. They wanted to hang out in Commywood shagging starlets and getting them lobotomised for noticing what a bunch of Apiru traitors they were Hedda Hopperstylee.

So Russia 1950s, USofA 1940s and Germany 1930s. All of them stuffed full of Apirujew scientists and their false memory syndrome.

Whatever they write, it is studied rubbish.
Whatever they say, it is beautiful staging.
Whatever they do, it is a blood disguise of theft.
Ignore the useless scum.
They are temple whores.
They have nothing else to do but plot.
Banish and shun their fellow travellers.
They are all Apiru Cru affront for gods.

“Ancient cultures for centuries all across the continents build huge structures for places of worship, observatories, burial places etc. The size and layout was so complex and perfect to indicate that the basis of such constructions must be sound scientific principles of most advanced branches of engineering sciences. The need of such huge places also must have been dictated by more pressing and practical concerns in public policy, agriculture and public health than just to show the pomp of a king. Other than in India and across the East Asian Buddhist countries spanning from China to Japan, most of these structures all over the world lay now in ruins or are completely destroyed. This successful destruction was perpetuated from the 4th century onwards by various plethora of groups religious zealots, hate groups, nomadic tribes as a tool to propagate their religion and intimidate existing cultures and traditions. In the modern day when such atrocious acts cannot be perpetuated the same groups are using multinational corporations, rebellious groups, Islamic Fundamentalists, Rightwing hate groups and missionaries to destroy these structures in the name of land reforms, modernization of agriculture, industrialization and if nothing works by engineering and creating terrorist and separatist groups.”

I asked you to imagine Europe sterilised from end to end, the 20th century grand plan, which did not get completed and so the next wave of the plan involving replacement by moneyfed pastoralists who have delivered nothing but starvation in every sphere of human activity have been engineered to destroy the rich farm land just as they did in Libya and Egypt 1500 years ago or so.

T’is time I would ask you to stand with me within one of the great Thorium thin film looking pools and envision the reality of the past that has been the mission of the Apiru to destroy through recovery.