Friday, 26 February 2016

Never stare a Greek gift horse in the arse.

I don’t know quite how to put this but…..well; do you really think that there are real heavy machines guns and howitzers going off when you watch Warhorse? Do you really think that anything real happens anymore now that the west is flooded by legions of drama school grads? Can you see why the theatre is where assassinations traditionally take place? The stage has staged the world now and we are all targeted for ritual slaughter. Whether we realise it or not we are all expendable bit part actors now.

So what makes you think that ROR are going to spend any of their precious metals on your costume?

Oppenheimer’s job is to keep track of the old slave mines. Of the three, Roth/Oppie/Rock, it is the O who is most likely closest to pure breed Apiru. They have the oldest trade.

Now let us return again to the scene of the ongoing crime. Way, way back in 1940. At that point when it got serious, where the play started to go off script. A carefully scripted play that had gone through the Hollywood sketch writing process over and over again, gaming out the scenarios to obtain the desired outcome.

The desired outcome was complete annihilation of Germanic and Slavic peoples. Removal of threat to the British global interests and continuation of the Talmudic Empire on a grander scale. Russia would have turned into a Trotskyite backwater. Germany would have had its Kaiser returned as a UK proxy no doubt. Either way Europe was to become a thin parsely populated herb garden.

Anyway what should have been a one act light opera with good sound effects turned into War and fucking Peace. Signs of this miscalculation are all over the place but one of my favourites is the Beveridge report. A 1942 document that intended to deal with the five Giant Evils of society: squalor, ignorance, want, idleness, and disease.

I think we can deduce two things from this report.

1.      That the UK London City long range planners in 1935 didn’t intend dealing with those five great UKakos evils because when the war was kicked off by them it would be over by 1941/42. A war of no more than 24 months or so.
2.      Squalor, ignorance, want, idleness, and disease are coming back UKplc, big time. It was only a temporary deal to pay off the unwanted UKakos who were suddenly needed then and no longer needed in 2016.

As I said last year, the only reason UKplc got to read, write and count is because the Germans were targeted for destruction and they fought back too well. There was no other option than to raise the level of human capital in the giant open prison.

However the script all went pear shaped.

One of the reasons, I wager, is that the sanctions, put on Germany by Judea, backfired because the goldsmiths lost account of the(ir) metals. I think that Oppenheimer, who’d been given Africa to rule over, lost track of what the clever Germans got up to with the technology that allows the release of energy from his metals. The sudden scouring of planet Earth for sources of Uranium, that got all fevered when it was discovered that not only was Uranium/Plutonium up for grabs but the Protactinium route to kablang was a goer, must have given Roth and Rock, esp. Roth as his deer parks were getting torched, cause to bring the RORsenior scion to heel.

Add to that the Lithium/Tritium/Deuterium unholy trinity and a Thorium chaser to boot and we arrive at a point where the resultant gunfire and sniper has required activating of deep political/familial/occult Apiru coordinating channels, that should never get to see the light of day, to resolve the mess, as well as the hatching of a mega cover story after the gunfire and sniper has stopped and to top it all, the continuation of the cover story into a new legend for decades afterwards because there were too many undesired witnesses of the wrong type*; and one can see that the ROR would have sat down and made sure: Never again.

Anyway what I am really trying to say is that after the halt to human progress was started in 1945 with the sealing of evidence, bunkers, mouths and lives. The hiding away for 100 years of documented evidence and witness statements. (I wonder if a similar process was in place just before the destruction of the library at Alexandria.) Once the rolling back of human development was well under way in planning via the UN. At some point Rock and Roth must have taken Oppenheimer aside and made it quite plain that every micron of gold, mercury, thorium, silver, lithium, all hi spin isomers, all bred plutonium, protactinium, gold and assorted exotics were to be put under strict lock and key and fuck the markets. Only, repeat only, was a release of metals for sacred missions to be sanctioned**. All must be in ROR hands pronto. Hence the so called NPT sham and sanctions against developing nations like who would not tow the line.

However the chaos unleashed has been so gigantic that I don’t think Oppie has managed to seal the box of Pandora again.

Let us look at the world before the attempt to resolve their local GermanoSlavic problem started in the 19th century.

Africa was a massive Capability Brown garden with slavepits. Asia was trashed. The Americas were lovely. Once Europe was empty everything in the world would be sweet. Absolutely every single old root belief system of humanity would be gone. Paradise.

Do you think they really, in their wildest dreams, could have thought they would lose the plot so drastically by 1945?

Now don’t be thinking they panicked, they simply reverted to passive mode and bided their time again. It is not the first time that this kind of situation has had to be ridden out.

A classic marker of this approach to riding out the storm, waiting for enough memory to die off, is the subsystem, known as the Roman Catholic Churchengine designed to sterilise the world, going into active defensive mode as opposed to its traditional steady killer state. All culminating in the massive dumping of chaff/IR flares/ECCM and assorted highenergyclownfuckkwittery into the common weal as the Babyromian killer freaks manoeuvred hard, pulling the biggest cork screw escape in history.

That is Vatican 2. Bodies of the faithful forgotten all around the altar.

Deep in the black out curtained secrets of the years 1940-43 too many people in positions to actually do something got to know what we know now. They found out that the whole kit and caboodle is a psychokillerfarce.

Not just Nasties found out, but US democrats and republicans. Ordinary South Americans. Asians of every flavour rediscovered what their forefathers knew.

Crime is the basis of all Babylonian commerce. Trade is crime and crime is the default civilisation now. Megamurder is the spirit of the age and everyone wants in on the act. All the perps need to do is lie make up dormant in camo like the Windsors and everything will come up roses.

Well that is the plan.

*/** TBC.