Thursday, 25 February 2016

20,000 tealeaves under the sea.

Carrying on in the spirit of yesterday’s phased incoherence let us sally forth into another load of nonsense today.

I accessed a site listing all WW2 unterseebootenumern recently because something had wormed its way into my noodle after reading through another load of bollox about Rich/Lear/von Braun and assorted NASANAZI jump room fukkedwitz. How come no one ever suggests that von Thiel got paperclipped by aliens then, instead of getting torched by Bomber Command? I’d rather have him than a mediocrity like the SS major.

Anyway after a good wander at the U-Boote site and slipping into a blog that seems to have gone quiet, side barred at the other shop, where I read the following comment…

“Modern History, a Western invention, as we know it today, is State supported. Western historians gloss over the State support. Hegel was the father of modern Western history and Max Muller, one of his many illegitimate ‘ideological’ children.
Max Muller was a paid by the English East India Company (EEIC). The EEIC had clear agenda of Christian proselytization, Dominance of Western Race and of course, economic exploitation. Western history, that we talk about, is finally the outcome of this agenda. Similarly, I have experienced in the erstwhile State of Hyderabad, another version of history, which too was State supported.”

… said it baby, I paused and asked myself about black projects again.

Now let me restate that old equivalence that I do like. Gold=Uranium=Mercury. Keep it in mind because I will add a gold equivalence to this after the next few drips from my mind.

I know that I will be leaping to conclusions but that does not matter. If a false/mistaken thesis has proven stochastic properties when applied to an unreality then it may have some value. It doesn’t matter if it is a load of horse manure if it works. Kind of like getting into the mind of Marxist moron, you can see who he will arrange to murder off next.

So there I was musing about Fleming sitting off shore watching a great pinch raid unfold. Did he have a mind to write about the real thing in a fiction? All his Bond adventures rely on black projects based on reality. We know that a gold car really was constructed to smuggle the metal pre war.

So with that in mind I wondered if Bormann’s black U-Boat fleet would have really turned up with serial numbers, US BuAerstylee? Or not, Area51stylee. To put it simply, all one need do is disappear hulls on demand as RAF bombing write-offs.

Ah…the fog of war. So that then got me to thinking about all the other wonderful weapons developed subsequently by the victorious murderers after the gunfire and sniper had halted after many, many, many script rewrites and unknown changes of director and cast members. More precisely their direct antecedents of 1945 vintage.

It is rumoured, though unsubstantiated by script rewrites, that the following actually got used by the Nasties in real live shooting matches with real live dead people involved right at the end of the closing act. Not the phoney swilling champagne stuff that the banker staffed/recruited heroes of Bletchley were involved in. But real live history that got unwritten.

Wire guided air to air missiles. Wire guided anti tank missiles. Manpads. DU AT rounds. SAM systems. Now if I were geezer in one of the dispersed assembly halls putting that stuff together and got drafted into a local self defence unit as Soviet rape armies heaved into view, I might just fire off the nearby stockpile because that was all there was to hand. Similarly if the Yaks, LaaGs, Mustangs and Thunderbolts were machine gunning my local bus stop I’d have a one shot throw away manpad on my shoulder. So it may have happened one day or two and then faded away all unrecorded by Hollyweird/NKVD history fakers.

We know IR systems were used and your correspondent has indeed found spoor indicating that AT IR systems were used in 1943 in the Ukraine against Soviet tanks, as well as the more well known airborne systems. The first use of (unguided?) glide bombs against RN targets occurred in very early 1941.

We also know that the air defence systems, swept wing jet fighters, U stockpiles, bombers, ballistic missiles and assorted other goodies, on the drawing boards or in prototype shops, got dragged away and deployed over the next ten years in NATO. Remember the UK govt. decided to have a ten year R&D holiday after 1945, which is how long it took to digest all the treats in US weapons labs, not a need for social spending.

When one has a little peek at the available evidence/speculation about what the U-boats were up to one inevitably stumbles over the U-235 or 233 or 234 or 238, funny how the number confuses the issue. So let us ignore it.

What do we know?

There are graves of many crew in Indonesia. Penang was a major stop. Italian/IJN/German subs went back and forth, how frequently, don’t know. What we do know is that the inbound trip to Germany involved rubber and opiates and the outbound trip to Japan involved IP and Mercury.

What else do we know?

The opiates ended up in the pharma industry and the Mercury went to a source of high voltage/high amperage. We know that the opiates would have come out of Montagnard controlled plantations (Marlon Brando/Gene Hackman); it wasn’t just a Michelin rubber plantation in CochinChina that attracted the criminal undergrounds. We know that the name for refined opiates is gold.


When the retarded nutters that started the killing, contemplated destroying our world by turning the whole of the UK into one great big Supermax arsenal work camp, they hired mentalists like Szilard/Oppie/Einstein to front the programme for Atomic power with only one aim. A bomb, a bomb to end all bombs. They did not intend that the UKakos were ever to be well fed, educated and healthy. No the UKabos were expendable items on the accountancy ledger. So fukkthem and their cold hovels.

The geezers on the opposite team, the bad guys, viewed the whole isotope shebang as a source of civilian/industrial power, they were under trade sanctions and had bigger problems to deal with than planning to kill everyone, and as such the Thorium confiscation problem heaves into view. I will venture a pound to shilling that there were, may still be, Thorium power plants driving pumps in the deep assembly halls sealed in 1945.

So that then got me wondering again. How big a submarine do you need to run a nuclear power plant? Note I didn’t say power a submarine. That came in 1955 with Rickover’s baby.

BWAHAHAHAAAA you couldn’t make this stuff up. OFM!! I will continue this muppetry later.