Friday, 5 February 2016

Th Or. On IR. 39. 90.

To think like an idiot is to be Apirucru. Therefore their pet banksters’ shenanigans are childsplay. Though their master’s beliefs remain obscured its intended outcome, lethal for the Apiru, is clear.

“Members of the Black Nobility lay claim to being descendants of the Nephilim and I honestly doubt that they worship any of today’s major religions.” Namgod comment

Let us consider two funs=actions of the sacral Apiru mission.

One; is to waylay travellers (kill) and
Two; to spread as much info rubbish to the static (babelbollox) as possible.

I wish to scramble history as given to try and see what was happening and why this is important for the future.

I wish to take us back exactly 71 years and like a good RANDfool I wish to game with you. Imagine the world dissolving before its time and the panic ensuing at the very top of the trees as the various phukknuns work on their subjects. Imagine having to stop the realisation of that for which you had worked so diligently towards for over seven decades to achieve.

Imagine that at last you had to stop your project, imagine the Morgenthau plan meets Omega man, but without Anthony Zerb. Imagine having to explain to your failed collection of foreign born Hollyweird pseudosciencysts that "NO" you were not going to turn Europe into a radioactive desert at last. Imagine that conversation as they sat there sending field reports to their Trotskyite handlers in Mexico whilst swilling down the best asymptotic ladyboyjuicings and perpetual hookersqueezings at infinite tax payers expense. Imagine that.

So to start the next few droppings in this contusing series about the worlds largest bankster managed pinch operation of all time, and its failure, let us consider the scene in Jan 1945.

On the “loosing” side everyone who needs to be is on courses or at seminars. Even the bankster deep throats in the German Staff hadn’t been able to engineer enough Stalingrads, Tunisias, Courlands and Kerches to weaken their nation enough to counter the serious geezers that had out manoeuvred the Speer. There is no sign of defeat, no sign of victory, but no evidence that we are at a UK 1916 moment, verily phukked. Serious geezers like Heydrich, who in 1942 was assassinated by the RCE/LC secret service bankstercommies because he was raising the living standards of Czech workers and winning the political war, unlike his predecessor who was likely a deep state bankerbitchboy, serious non-Apiru had successfully leapt to the next stage of weapontech and they were about to deliver on schedule.

On the “winning, whining and wining” side everyone has read the reports stating that on the basis of the business plan signed off in 1942 it was failure all round. Our entire tech was exhausted. All our shipping was going to the bottom. All our TAFs were going to get taken out by 1st gen MANPADS. All our bombers were going to be shot out of the night sky. All our infantry was using not fit for purpose personal weaponry. All the armour, which was already toasted, was going to get wire guided to phukk. Worst of all we knew the bad guys had converted their civilian atomic programmes successfully to military use.

I’ll bet you Ike was a tad worried as his RothIrishphukknun tickled his prostate with a giant radish. Oh shit!

To complicate matters the bad guys have a deep state, at that time working through goodguy Dulles for the BLUE good guys and MiHi Roth for the RED good guys, that intends to hand some of the techytrinkets out evenly to either side of the Mafia who’s Kapos and Molls are going to meet up at Yalta in very early Feb.

So with that in mind I ask you, since I already mentioned that we might entertain the idea that Dresden may have been cover to take out Soviet assigned Auschwitz/Blizna chemical warfare researchers, which group of SS corporate employees/researchers might have been taken out by a lucky 13 member of a pretty useless and inactive Soviet Baltic fleet submarine force in Jan 30th 1945? Ahhh RED Admitrealty.

Bearing in mind that of all the sides fighting in the second Big One the side to which the banksters, Apiru boybitches, had most sympathy, the side which they had nurtured most carefully, the side who best reflected their idea of an ideal humanity and whom they considered most likely to defend their interests, the USSR, struck first; we can further decode the Dresden strike as a USofA corp operation in which the lack of an RAF component would have stuck out like a sore thumb after the gunfire and sniper had finished.

Now don’t be getting all “WTF you khaant!” here.

Always remember that USofA corp. was not supposed to be in this war and just like Croesus and others millennia before, POTUS of the people, people a concept always hated by Apirucru, paid the price, for USofA breaking the gold=uranium=mercury Apiru slavering monopoly in 1945, in 1963.

How dare they be free people!!!!