Thursday, 11 February 2016

Thorium Ring of Brightwaters

One of the tortures of being alive at this namshubmoment is the certainty that it will all end soon because we are learning too much. That in itself is an ironic ague because all quanta we are gleaming are the uncertainty reflections off echoes of the shadows of vaguely remembered legends of what occursed. However before the hammer falls again I believe we can certainly resolve the old reality by simple use of our own magic wells,.....

To reinforce our powers in this evilmirrorworld is a simple selfcasting spell, the power to which it is the unending task to deny us of, of the wonders arrayed in rotational onanistic splendour, here in the Herd Attention Space. I know it is almost impossible to do a Logan’s Run now but that must not stop us from trying because the more of us that attempt a breakout the more disruption to the trance field we bring into existence. In addition we can do several things to slough off the mantel of necrotic knowledge we are forced to wear as sustenance and shelter. The first being shunning all attempts to slave cue our eyes onto the great park wankstators.

I ask you, what would please you more? Watching temple whores gyrating or staring at the sky? I know, I know if you attempt to ignore the spastictwerking the pimps will beat you up or the priest will marginalise you but wouldn’t you prefer to die having used your wells well just once?

So with that preamble of ever nonsense over, let us use our eyes as God intended.

As a sort of primer for the heap of dulux that is about to turn up here….oh forget it, the few still reading here know where the bodies of Astle, Kepler, Thom, Manning, Bruno et al are buried in the ashmidden of my blogging……….anyway let us consider the pyramids at Giza.

Let us also comparoconsidero the F-35. OK? Finished? If the F35 RICO teams were tasked with building a pyramid they would use all their resources to convince us that a steaming pile of horse manure was what we signed off on. So there they are. I know both exist, I can go and touch the things, well most of their constituent parts. I remember 30 years ago when discussing HTHP blisc tech. that they were a no touchy subject. So what can we say about the two “projects”?

Well the first thing is that it does not matter what the big pile of stones was for it got built. I mean for all we know the power plant, burial chamber, weapons hypotheses guys have got it all wrong and it was really a megalomaniacal Mongolian barbeque advertising hoarding for the paleolithic HAS. Under an alien sky the albedo would have really gotten your attention alrighty. So much has been forgotten, eliminated, badly remembered or vaguely dreamed again.

Now consider the F35. We have the apex of decades of aerospace research and development. We have the synthesis of bust on time, supply chain mismanagment, theft as logistics and perp systems integration in all fields of human endeavour. We have the blankest of blank quantum optics cheques written and the most manipulated of timescale matrices and schedules signed off. What do we have? Well you could just about run a Mongolian BBQ from its heat output and that is it.

“Ooooh you are being a tad unfair there” I hear you murmur.

Well……no. I am being restrained. I chose those two projects deliberately to illustrate a pivot point in history. The node, nondimensionalpoint, the singularity, abstraction when the numbers were created and started to lie.

Somewhere, sometime between customer acceptance of a big pile of stones and the F35 going into service, not B32stylee into service but B29stylish, the current HAS started its long building cycle, all Derren Brown tricksylike.

Ever since then, that precise moment when the Apiru got aligned with the strategic business plan, the march of false numbers has been consuming mankind. So much money induced mental phukkwittery has being introduced into the world now that the biggest POS in aerospace history can only be considered the cap stone of Marxist historical nonsense.

What we can say about Lockheed Martin, without contradiction, is that 10,000 years after project inception no one in the iSpace colonies will even dream that such a load of criminal confetti ever existed.

Conversely everyone and their publisher wants to construct all the most contrived money burning research and infobollox about the10,000+ years old pile of rocks today and 10,000 years hence.

Henge. One thing we can be sure of is that no one had a money publishing scheme involving false numbers back then to construct a complex. No one attempted a faith based megalithic project with monoheathenismsimjism and its fake money followers.

No; only real people built the great big piles of rocks. They were masters at logistics, people management, systems integration and project planning. They were also global and their greatest works are lying in the shallower seas around Indonesia/Hispaniola/Arabia.

Once you have read enough about ancient geezers and geeztrices, their big stones and their erections, a seed of an idea forms, fertilises and brings forth further speculation. All their works seem to have been in remembrance of an even more ancient homo geeziens.

Consider this. Even the more famous British Isles stone marker arrays are thought to have started in wood moats. Yet to even start remembrance in wood would require how many centuries to watch, record, study, reflect upon, teach and consider a 366degree sky for precession, star and planetary cycles, constellation transients and lunar stability? 10,000 years? 100,000 years? 1 million years of stability and stillness? More?

And before you did any of that you stood under the sky and cast your wells into a ring of brightwater.