Friday, 19 February 2016

Sanctions Can Be Applied to Russia but It Is Illegal to apply Sanctions to Israel -

Sanctions Can Be Applied to Russia but It Is Illegal to apply Sanctions to Israel -

PCR and most commentators seem to misunderstand the nature of an Apiru Firebase. How can you sanction a pirate base? It has its fellow captains and buccaneers ruling in every port under Roth patent and lettres. It is an engineered asset for the Apiru front, Roth. If you dare impede its fire missions you will get taken out Kurzstylee. They will send as many as it takes to destroy you, your family, your livestock, your lineage and your soil. Make no mistake. It does not exist in civilised nation space. It is part of the overall Apiru mission to destroy all civilised nation space. Only corporate Pirate space is to be allowed to exist.

Look what London City pirate base did for the Roth in the 20th century. Europe destroyed in preparation for Kalergification And the panto continues. Trouble making clown Camoron is pissing around taking up valuable theatre time on the UK in/out of Europe issue. Europe is facing an existential crisis brought on by its slut leaders and Camahoon wants to talk billions of rebate? WTF, just get your chancellor to publish all the money you need or go over to Janet and get a shed load of free $s from her masseeev cash stash.

Oh no we cannot do that. It would destroy the centuries of propaganda about the nature of money, economics and commerce to get bunged a shed load of fiat. No we need to keep the UKabos in the midden, it is after all where they belong after 150 years of grooming. Have you noticed that no one has raised the old HR mantra, as I've said many.many times, past performance is a sure indicator of future behaviour? BBC is a skulking den of child killing/ crime front running/ lying drivel peddlers. We know that from the sex crimes perpetrated by Savile & Co. and the cover up. So if the BBC was staffed by child killers in the 1960/70s why should we not consider it to be so in 1939/45 and 2016? Lying money burning blood swilling khaants!!

Look at who the BBC are making us look at today. Who are doing the mutual masturbation HDTV replaymatch today? Kalergi laureate and holder of the 2010 Kalergi Cup; STASI Merkel. Who isis doing the RCE/LC pissing around with Italian style rolling around on the ground after no tackling? Rothbitchboy Rockmyswinephageporking Kickstart eunuch court defective No10 inmate, the Hong Kong subprimate PM.
Do you really expect anything other than another Ba'al feast?

Russia, a nation bound by international laws and norms, is the target for the pirate base at Tel Aviv, on instruction from RCE/LC, and the Roth launch pad is quietly working on the coming holocaust just like its other little brother did in the 1930s out on the Amur.

Now I don't want you geezers and geeztrice in USofA corp getting all lonely and not feeling all group hug inclusive, retch! If you perused that old outing I did on C-K, he's got that Schacht smell, you will have noticed that he's a real operator. In fact he's got that Apiru look and feel. Prepping Europe for a dissolution. Messing about in Imperial Japan. Oh and he's a Hapsburg lad.

Now that reminded me of something else I wrote ages ago about Hapsburg lands returning, that why you've got secessionistas working in your country (Mormons and Zionists) amigo and a very interesting talk given recently.

Don't be getting all choked on your grits now goys and bitrice. Just listen to the names this interviewee mentions.