Friday, 4 December 2009


To paraphrase Banned, WTF is going on today?


have a nice quote from Dennis Kucinch, which gives a great big sweeping statement of what’s going down in Groove Town USofA today.

Our top Marxist Jungend, STASI operative and all round gangsters moll is bricking herself.

The Dubai homing torpedo has gone rogue and may sink the mother ship HMS PirateZentral.

Barry S announces 30 000 more US troops into Afghanistan in the WINTER!!!!!! Gordon Brown lets it slip we’ve got hundreds of Special Forces out there. WTF?

How many shooters were at Fort Hood? How come the four dead cops in Washington State were shot down outside a military base? What’s going on in those bases? What’s a golfer doing wrapping his car round a tree and getting a 4 iron wrapped over his head?

All designed to take our eyes of the ball. Where is it being played? Well not SA where the clowns introducing the World Cup draw on LBC this evening think that Table Mountain overlooks the PACIFIC? It will be gunfire and sniper down there when the football fans step of the planes. How many won’t be coming back?

Whatever is happening it has got to be massive.

GOLD, well there is enough running around by the Bushes, Clintons and assorted usual suspects in strangely varied places to give cover to those quietly attached to them to go hunting for lost/secreted/stashed metals and securities.

Taiwan and The Philippines keep drawing my eye.

Remember the four bankers that all got suddenly unalive one weekend way back the end of Sept?

They weren’t alone.

How many more since then?

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