Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Franchise.

I’m thundering through some interesting articles and came across this.

Couldn’t resist having a swipe at our mindmeltedfondhuuvoodoocthulu turkey barks in Westminster.

They must have read this completely the wrong way round when they got into power in 1997.

“Article 4

Admission into the territory of a State may be refused to an alien-

(i) who is in a condition of vagabondage, beggary or vagrancy;

(ii) who is of unsound mind or is mentally defective;

(iii) who is suffering from a loathsome, incurable or contagious disease of a kind likely to be prejudicial to Public health;

(iv) who is a stowaway, a habitual narcotic user, an unlawful dealer in opium or narcotics, a prostitute, a procurer or a person living on the earnings of prostitution:

(v) who is an indigent person or a person who has no adequate means of supporting himself or has no sufficient guarantee to support him at the place of his destination;

(vi) who is reasonably suspected to have committed or is being tried or has been Prosecuted I for serious infractions of law abroad;

(vii) who is reasonably believed to have I committed an extraditable offence abroad or is convicted of such an offence abroad:

(viii) who has been expelled or deported from another State; and

(ix) whose entry or presence is likely to affect prejudicially its national or public interest.”

Fom here published 1961.

When I look around The Smoke this is the kind of rent seeking sweepings the NaZoviet clowns have actually welcomed into the country with our money.

I might not be back later since it’s my birthday and there is a fine bottle of something that’s been resting for this day.


But I’ll do my besht.

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