Thursday, 3 December 2009

Dead and buried?

All stolen.

There is a time to realise that we are now going backwards, de developing, un advancing, retro futuring, non Darwinian, that time was now.

All the rubbish that the Chicago school of economics promulgated about markets is rotten carrion meat. You will not dine high there unless you are squalid in your spirit.

All the liberation freekery was nothing more than a ruse to serve high alter.

The Fabian nonsense and Marxian mind stun, all designed to rob your dignity.

Diversity seeks the slavery of your thoughts.

All the plagues we are told infested mortals in the past are nothing more than pest control on our beliefs and society now.

All the free that died, all the free who gave, all the free who gave up their freedom, for what?

We are gangsters molls now?

The emaciated patina’d skin of this political economy is no more than sputtered, cut into it and it will scream injustice because it is a delicate bloom forever in need of the manuring of propaganda and filth.





Marine and Aero structures.





Non fiat Finance.


Gone into an all consuming maw of greed and delusion. Illusional morphings of interest and the light pick pocket of your every minute. Picked until your pockets are emptied and you die.

Our young to be enslaved in a frightening world where the Jolly Green Giant might turn into Darth Vader any minute and sweep them away in a deluge unless they mind their Ps and Qs even though they cannot spell, nor master the King’s English.

All planned, all thought through and all to be stopped.

The direct action crowd are useless at achieving anything other than a drought in the human spirit and a horizon staining pallor of dead and shallow graves. In order to hide the culling they would have us consider a school of whales. In class our children will be taught to love the whales and affect disinterest in the deaths of their fellow humans each second they are sat in conditioning.

Why do the caring live and fly in luxury? Why do the green spew so much ordure? Why are the magicians allowed to Rome free casting their spell? Are we who wrought ‘ought from nothing incapable of tearing reality back into our own hands? No one gave us anything on a plate; all we got was death on a platter. Thought rot and decay for sixty years now.

Death might come again. Our stay in the play ground may be over.

In private conversation always remember that the ear you are listening to may be bent true.

Look at all the dead. Murdered to plan by a conscious effort of will. Why?

We thought free, and TPTB cannot stand that, so the plan was to kill and then subsume. In their hubris they forgot. As my mate Ram the putative porn star used to say “No one realises that being evil is such hard work.” In their indolence and degeneracy they’ve allowed the number of free humans to accelerate out of their control. They might like 500 million of us, but I welcome 50 billion free spirits, we’ll erase the parasitical scum from history for the first time ever.

Their history is not our history. We think decades, they think bigger, far longer than you’d consider.

That’s really scaring them, never in the history of humanity have so many free people existed. The untold billions are not a burden, they are to be welcomed as a battering ram on the spiritual gulag we have allowed to be constructed layer by layer, generation by generation around us.

All under the banner of democracy.

One world of free people and then the galaxy, or the Torrs depending on your liking.


  1. wooooho!that was a very beautiful would be welcome to blitz the conversations at my barbie parties any time!grrreat meat offerings..venison...they look especially charming from the back as well.

  2. Bloody hell, mate, you nailed that one!

  3. Excellent essay INCOMING!!!

    Have you ever checked out the blogs of a fella called Les Visible? You have a lot in common and all the readers there have also taken Morpheus’ red pill.

    One wee word of warning – it is an Alex Jones free zone. 90% of the truth is still a lie.


  4. @coletteonice. I love a floury bapp containing all sorts of good reconstituted meat products.

    @scunnert I will not be taken alive.

    @Spidey glad you liked it. That's the non sweary version, sometimes best that way I feel.

    @C Oh yes have bathed there many a time. Yepp AJ is like DI, whether knowing or not they are run.

  5. Sweet. Let the sleepers awaken- they’re in for a shock though (grin)


  6. Way to go. The seagulls follow the fishing boat.

  7. DL and they can stay the hell away from my fish supper.


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