Friday, 22 July 2016

Trainted absurdist meet.

War News Updates: President Obama To Visit Cuba In March: NBC: President Obama to Make Historic Visit to Cuba, U.S. Official Says Barack Obama will become the first sitting American president ...

I dined my others' taughttoughtthoughts in the shambolic pleasure palace of deep undergrounding vaulsuse. In the quite moments before the mirror, reflection is considered and digested. The trastetedfestung continues. Tardatedfinished the sonnections and shone sreen as fish kettle.

After the imbalance of some fukkwitz actually taking the resultant wellfed interval between cordial decay and described geometry to deign an interregnum in roundup of innocence and grace, music was my mute before and before and velocity in the infinite scree.

What is an infintite? An appetite eating one for ever…...

Hot and far I Romed the bullminia, the labyrinth’s Gordian maser resolution. So , so descrepit in srkying spy.  Above, nested screenemes has been an excellent day, loudsteathlike cohering to nothing but bad missellling. Id smelt like long squeezed tachyons’ meatongs across the hot tarmac of log gone Mays, Junes and half remembered seasons without the deliberately hate half emptied joy of actuality. Dimpling my love dead teeth whiteneing leglnds of decay…... 

The swifts are awhifft and soaring despite the dead weather, the tayberries and blackcurretns floware cropped, ears of the raspberries are anewed. Buzzybees are a bumbling and ants are as adam. Fleshmored measured the deep sky with my conscious collapsing desire, and am happy patering strange attractors are no mean heat source.

If the blossoming society of insects is so joyous why are humans so desiccate oblate?

Nukes, if there, I mean in the aggregated desire of the 1000 yard smile, if the German's scurried to get the SAM batteries the hell out of the area then the nuke fablabs, precocious metals valults, will have known ages before them, can never be cut off from their power supply, they go stale, and so the base will be completely autonomous. Ignore any story about the nukes. Ignore any Russian origin slant completely just like any western MSM rubbish.

If JS is talking about anything he is talking about the old “chicken coup” tech that was abroad when the genie was out of the bottle. These days the magic is stoppered again.

Simply look a some longer range events and known facts.

ScuttlinGulen's real "operators" are in ipissHDTVMontevideo, not USofA. Menem was Syrian outerlooked. Twinkle toes, the harbinger of doom, is a secret police Pope. That is decades long sleeping for the day in Buenos Aires.

Twinkle toes and his Russian opposite, BTW if that guy doesn't know that the Bishop of Rome is not Christian and tried to off all the Slavs for his Jerusalem coreligionistas in the 20th century, then WTF!!?, met in Cuba recently. That is centuries of sleeping for the day.

Obumbarumba, the bankers' Royal Jokyakarta “Did it my way” Candidate, was in Patagonia. That is a financial year sign off.

The original US research into the A-Bomb before it went Manhattan had a weird, almost independent state like corporation, therefore I see crown(London City) hands all over it, run out of B.C. called Cons Mining & Smelting Co, Trail, B.C. at their Chemical and Fertilizer Division, Warefield.

pfHaiowlong the arcimeter of the fall?

All the nukes are, as heavy metal bundSchacht must have said to altSkorzeny, propaganda and psyops roadies on the pull.

When London yells you nukes are involved, expect a circus, for almost everyone with a flea shatfed and shafted the US/UK/Fr ordinary peace loving persons.

The religionists and royalists are coming out of their bunkers to take over again. They love all this death and chaos. Any borders they do not recognise, all they see are Apiru centripetalcaravan routes, will be dissolved.

So what caused all this?

We did it all and we love ejacultime, sports fail, HDTV desecration, entertainment butchery. We did it all and the killers know us, kow us, tow us and die.

In these places eyeless fish know all       .......        pharmacy.

Non merci, ever.

we that is me.