Monday, 25 July 2016

NWOZOMO Police Minister in charge of That Petrol Emotion. Burn it out.

Ever wondered why all the gas stations are closing?

Katyn bodyswerver. If his family were out in Siberia that means he was under TrotTexMex control, not Stalin.

“Gen. Jaruzelski was educated at a Catholic boarding school and graduated in June 1939, less than three months before Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union carved up his country. The Jaruzelskis fled to Lithuania, where they worked on a farm owned by a Polish family. In 1941, Soviet forces arrested them because of their “socially dangerous” background.
The family was split up, with Wojciech, his mother and younger sister sent to a remote Siberian village near the Mongolian border. His father was sent to a labor camp in another part of Siberia.”

Anyway they are all the same these khaants!