Saturday, 2 July 2016


SNAFU!: KC-390 vid.: Thanks to Marcos and everyone else that sent me this link! Let me see if I can trigger some people with this statement.  You're look...

That neat number has been mentioned many times at this shop. If it rides on the A320/IAE technician pool then we have a true C47 replacement at last. Everyone used the C47. Joe, Tojo, Tommy, Sam, Marcel et al. In fact the only guys who didn't were the tante drivers. Cheap enough to fly into trouble. No way is anything like an A400(notice the 5star ball pond health and safety conditions in the above photo from Djibouti, where the ChiComms have been invited in to play),C-2, C 17 or a C 130J going anywhere where the Khe Sanh
re-enactment club will be replaying their heroes' finest hours.

BTW have you noticed that team omega is doing airdrops these days. Key Stone cops of the NGO airwar.

I have a shit load of stuff to get through in July so traffic will be light here and the other shops until that is all sorted so Cya soon.