Friday, 8 July 2016

Maurice Pinay: Elie Wiesel, Pope Francis & the rich, Orthodox Jud...

Maurice Pinay: Elie Wiesel, Pope Francis & the rich, Orthodox Jud...: "My children have defeated me" (God, according to Babylonian Talmud, Bava Mezia  59b) Pope Francis recently offered anothe...

From comments
"This insanely conceited attitude toward God was institutionalized in the
Roman Church via the Neoplatonic-Hermetic virus, as early as the
Council of Florence and certainly by the pontificate of Alexander VI
(and Leo X and Sixtus V etc.). It informed the top echelon henceforth,
while a wholly different, pre-Renaissance, militant orthodox Catholicism
was maintained in the rank-and-file parish priests and laity, who were
still unprocessed and therefore could not be told the truth. By the
1960s the people were sufficiently processed to begin to leak the truth
to them. From the time of the pontificates of Popes John Paul II,
Benedict and Francis, the people were (and are) very much a product of
The Process, and they can be told anything, and their reaction in
general, is a shrug of the shoulders.

Talmudic Judaism =
self-worship, with situation ethics making any innovation possible, if
attended by the necessary beguiling rhetoric. Hence, Rome's lifting of
the ban on profits on loans (“usury” — lifted by pastoral increments;
not an official proclamation), and Pope John-Paul's revolutionary
subversion of the Gospel teaching on Jews and Judaism, endorsed and
expanded by his successors.

These are Renaissance seeds which came to fruition “nostra aetate." "

One will take note that just as the Roman church was about to become a force for good because, at last after almost 2000 years, ordinary people might have had their deepest aspirations fulfilled and their human grace shared, the institution self destructed. Just like a weapon system that might fall into the wrong hands, there were demolition charges installed when manufactured/commissioned.

Wherever good people meet you can be sure that these Abrahamist/Moses assassins will be there to kill them all.

As always the secret protocols/treaties for these money worshipping bitclowns will decide how they act out their roles to spread the universalplague/internationalistdisease in the leperousfuture to degrade and desecrate humanity. They spit in our faces every time they breath their poisonous words over us.

To find a Ba'al roman bishopcreepzoid doing kowtow to the ZicopathicZyklotronB fictionfactory Kapos is to smell the reek of the Jerusalem sanhADHDrin of James at work laundering silver again for their master.

The whole mongtheist shithouse is antihuman. It was made by fauxhumans to kill humans.