Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Thirty three is an odd NaZoviet number.

I had a great time at a BBQ on Sunday and came to several conclusions. Now this may have been the result of an even burn brought on by the heat and the booze who can say?

1. Cralsberg Exprot is still a great thrist quencher esp. in the pint sized cans. At last the gooks in charge of canning our booze are getting the idea. Pavlov’s Cat posted a photo of a Japanese beer vending machine recently and if you look you’ll see the item that really got me excited when I first came across the things. My first reaction was lovely idea ice cool beer vending machines just what you need in the baking hot sun. Then I realised that the clever so and sos had actually got it even more right, if that was possible, they canned the beer in 1l sized cans. Now as you know when you’ve got a thirst on a 500ml can leaves you unslaked, a few good pulls on it and its empty. With the 1l can though when you’ve really spanked that thrist you can then cruise gently to the end. So come on beer canning research labs get that 1l can out now. Satisfied.

2. Waitrose burgers are fantastic, don’t know what size, I didn’t get to see the packaging, I only fired them up. They must have been close to 8oz unscorched. Lovely

3. I now know that my instincts on certain things are on the mark.


Well after squeezing dry several cans of the above and getting on the outside of several of the dead cow pates I got to talking about the up and coming Eire referendum with an Irish girl. I wanted to know what the feeling on the ground was as it were. From what she had gathered from her family and friends there it was 50/50 either way. Not ground breaking news but better than I got from my mate Tim the tube driver. So our conversation started on a tangent that kind of left the other BBQists on the sidelines, finally leading through Common Purpose and what they want with your child’s misdemeanour records from school to the inevitable outburst by your correspondent that Arthur Scargill’s 2iC was MI5!!!!

Well that got an interesting full set of raised eyebrows that did. Revealing as well, because some were saying to themselves “Corrie, Emmerdale, Eastenders…Which one’s he in, or is it a girl?” others were really puzzled “What? Arthur Scargill’s second in command was a spy?”

Now to your correspondent this was all too familiar territory, no one seems to know anything anymore.

So how did we get to this point where everyone suddenly reckoned that the air had got chilly and we should all head indoors?

Well I’d chatted with my mate Tim the tube driver earlier in the day to check the lie in Eire, his family are from the West, re: October’s vote. He couldn’t really say so we got onto transport matters naturally enough. Bob Crow was mentioned but I skipped over that for reasons that will become clear later. We were both amused by the reaction to the train drivers not bothering to sign up for a shift now that the double time had been removed.

Some of the public reaction was typically garbled ranging from I don’t care, through I don’t blame them to line the bolshie phekkers up and shoot them.

Typical MSM. If you’d stop peddling propaganda and get into the nitty gritty you’d identify two things at work here that the public need to know.

Firstly there is no more money, it’s been stolen, and secondly that will mean there is no more real work, only foundation sponsored social engineering gauleiter ordered tasking.

There is no labour to withdraw from the market, there is no more money.

So as I headed into the BBQ I was already ticking. And that’s when the quip about what was all the information that was being gathered in schools to be sent up to govt. directly, including your child’s misdemeanours, rocked the Eire conversation onto an unforeseen track.

I mentioned during my waffling that I had always from a very early age held deep suspicions about unionisation, specifically union leaders, because they never seemed to deliver anything, indeed I felt they were agents of destruction. I also let it drop that even as an impressionable teenager there was something about WWF and Greenpeace that always seemed fascist. That’s when I launched the quip about Lord Howe Island into the conversation, the main target for the diatribe agreed, it’s a fascist quarantined playground that only card carrying party members will get near. Same with St Kilda’s, boy the other BBQists thought they were in the twilight zone now.

So I reached for another tube and dead cow in a bun and fired of the NUM line.

How did such apparently extreme views enter my head?

Well my mate Stuart the union man could never get why I wouldn’t join up, the advantages were great, perversely it was demonstrable that becoming a member helped in your career progression within the company hierarchy. Nope didn’t work on me because all these legends of the union movement had ever done is shout and scream and get themselves into the House of Lords with full MSM plaudits. The only one that actually went out and stood his ground got gunned down in public and treated like he was David Icke circa 1989 by the MSM.

And of course his 2iC was a spy. Sweet.

As I said to Stuart and my mate Dave the stand up comedian a long while ago, “If we ever decide to start a revolutionary movement I’ll have to shoot both of you because history always shows that one of you would be working for the “MAN””

Haven’t seen those two since the evening of 06/07/05 when in the World’s End Camden Town I said that there would never be an Al Qaeda attack on London. I still stand by those words.

What about pandas and polar bears, well if you become a card carrying member of these parties you get to enter all the sites that the UN has declared off limits to all other peasants. They hate people. Complete NaZoviets.

These things I believe are now very apparent, perhaps not so 20 years ago.

Which brings me to a lunch I had in 1989 out near Big MK, there’s me, a post grad student from France and the landlord and his lovely wife.

The subject of the conversation is what NATO is up to now there’s no more Berlin Wall. The landlord was a high time fast jet pilot. Well since my mind works this way I remarked that the only thing that could happen now was that Euro NATO forces would have to go to the aid of the USofA somewhere, sometime, somehow.

I had in mind a final BIG ONE, USofA versus the ChiComs.

Now in my naivety I didn’t realise that the time wasn’t ripe.

I suspected, but didn’t know, that friends are enemies and enemies will be friends, and that you’d have to set up the opposition with your help to get things just so.

Well France was a long time enemy of UK plc, and yet the merging of both states was proposed in the face of Germany’s attack 1940. UK plc insisted that France be one of the top 5 in the UN. So enemy, then not just a buddy, but a really good buddy.

What about USofA, well UK plc is a deadly enemy of USofA, in fact so deadly that the colonists thought of going German for their lingua franca. Yet now there has been this special relationship running for the past 70-80 years.

Ireland has been seen by UKplc as a colony. Not a country. Now we love the Irish, the same people that UKplc deliberately starved to death by shipping out all grain and livestock from Ireland in the 1830-1840 period, leaving the aboriginals with blighted tatties. How many dead? Millions.

There are two lessons to be learned from the Eire experience I want to highlight. Firstly if you do not own food and you are deemed surplus by TPTB you’re going to die. UKplc better take note because there are BIG food shortages on the way. Does TPTB still like UKplc? Can UKplc afford food? Secondly you cannot run from TPTB. Those who fled Ireland to USofA didn’t know that TPTB were still a risk to their existence.

Russia, great big mates with USofA, who sailed into San Francisco and New York to help preserve USofA independence? The refugees from Ireland, probably, were unaware of this. TPTB were still hunting down free people. Now Russia is in line for a nuking. The USSR was never a threat, if it had been then Lenin wouldn’t have been sent from New York to kill of Russia, USofA wouldn’t have pumped so much capital into USSR after that. A process that continued until agent Gorbachev, foundation bitchboy now, toppled it into anarchy.

That brings me back to that meal in 1989.

China how did they get to be top 5 UN? It was a dump after 1945 and not exactly a beacon for any form of humanity. How come they could pull a move on Tibet? What were they after in 1951? Why did so much USofA high tech get transferred to the ChiComms from 1970 or so, and certainly during Clinton’s admin.? How come?

Set up.

What I didn’t realise then is that the shaping of the world is not going to be complete until China is a worthy adversary. Then it goes off.

I think George Ure in one of his posts recently noted that truly seismic shifts in human history are preceded by massive famine.

Keep looking for the 33. If you find a double one run!

Heads up.