Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Plan that dare not speak its name. THEFT!!!!!!!

If you’ve got life insurance you can expect to kiss it goodbye.


Well now that everyone’s mortgage has been plundered, all the pensions’ funds are empty and you’ve no money, go on then fly to Lord Howe Island and watch the gulls, you can’t can you? You’ve no money. If you think that’s bad just wait until you’ve no food.

Over at Fausty’s he’s got a good posting from Celente today top banana.

The fraud goes on.

Swaatch this.

Got it?

Now read this, this and this.

So rather than put the thieves in the clink our leaders are going to tell us how much they are going to cut from public services. Duh!!!! Something does not compute.

It’s schizophrenic government. Our governments are mentally deranged psychopathic vehicles for our destruction.

Then check out who’s who here.

Note that Goldman Sachs, Weather, Insurance and Chicago… well you can see where this is going.

If your tame weathermen, back to Obama, are generating models that allow you to push Green crap then you’re made.

Heads up.