Thursday, 17 September 2009

The peasants are revolting.

Marie Antoinette

“Under the pressure of her disloyal friends, she created innumerable useless offices such as that of Superintendent of the Queen's House for the Princess de Lamballe. Furthermore, she used to buy a great deal of dresses and jewelry making her milliner Madame Bertin famous all over France. Finally, the Queen spent enormous amounts for her personal buildings. Marie-Antoinette had the Petit Trianon readapted to her taste as well as her exclusive theatre and the Hameau, a miniaturized hamlet built in the park of Versailles, where she and her friends loved to dress and act the role of peasants. “

Bifurcation ahead, farm or not farm.

When I was wandering around Japan in Aug it was wet, wetter than a wet weekend in Saltcoats, that’s how wet. Up in Aomori prefecture the rice harvest was gonna be bad because of the damp conditions.

A chum of mine spent Aug in China sorting out business deals and he decided to get the hell out pronto because it was so hot. And he’s a native of the place!!!

So yours truly after seeing Scunnert’s excellent montage today decided to track some info down like I should have ages ago. Well I hit paydirt first time out the traps.

Ok lets go to the farm, it says it all here

No need to add anything all the bases are covered there.

Read it and weep.

As I mentioned in an earlier post George Ure over at Urban Survival posted a little while back that there is a direct correlation between famine and massive seismic type societal change.

This gets me back to the lady above.

I always joked with my mates Del, Dave and Stuart that if we lived in Marie Antoinette’s toy farm, UK plc would be the pig midden. And we the people would be right up to our necks in shit. The pig’s shitting on us would constantly tell us how good we had it and that everything outside the midden was truly BAADDD!!! You see although UK plc always comments on itself being in the developed world it is nothing of the sort. As I’ve commented before UK plc is stuck on the beach, neither land dweller or ocean dweller, societally underdeveloped and stunted. I mean what other nation could believe that it had the 4/5th Largest economy in the world in the early part of this decade!!!

Well if we all remember our history we think MA was no good and deserved what she got, stinking Frog Aristo. No matter what the truth that’s what we’ve been pitched.

If I conflate my horrible vision and the tale of Frog royalty. Well guess where MA’s toy farm has been parked for the past 60/70 years?

Oh yes your way ahead of me.

Do you think we’ll be so harsh on the girl when we’re on the block?

Heads off.