Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Envirocrime!!! Living is a crime now.

“only foundation sponsored social engineering gauleiter ordered tasking.”

Well I never expected to have confirmation of my rantings today turn up so quickly.

From today’s Metro for Waltham Forest London Borough.

Listen to them banging on about the phekkin’ place, I’ve been through it many a time and it’s dead.

It’s seething comatose central.

I love the bit about “…..carry out reactive and pro active enforcement..”

Now when did a council ever react to anything? If this lot tries that they’ll be gunned down by local low life.

No the key is the pro active bit. That means keeping an ever watching never blinking eye on tax payers and then stitching them up by statute if they sneeze. Little nazis noting every move you make and hiding to catch you going about your business.

“…Working closely with internal and external partners you will be expected to show a positive impact in the reduction of such activity and an increase in enforcement activity against the perpetrators….”

Only important actors here are the external partners, i.e. rent collecting agencies that got the laws changed to suite them. The usual target driven crap will be in place here. The number of tickets issued is all that matters.

Sucking money out of the community for doing nothing.

Note also that we’re all perps now!!!!!

Tories won’t change a thing.

Heads up.