Sunday, 17 March 2019

Qwhen I grow up I want to be a Gladiovideostar

Taking a Q from one of the Kaliber outings I would like you to entertain what would constitute the circumstances within which almost all of the population of inhabited meat bags, not the inhabited carbon based mindforms, justice walking cabbages, would in the aggregate actually swap arses for faces.

If the arseface gags are their own standingSTASI then what will they not do to sit on themselves and otherselves? A boot on the face just will not do anymore Winston. It does not do to turn the other cheek if Janus has two arses. You will be there all day Tangoeing the bastards!! Orange forces do not exist unless wombed in special drawing rights gro-bags.

When 4th PzA were trying to hold the line SW of Kiev 75 years ago, von dem Bach was to the north Pripyetee stylee, a meeting of the local protoGladios, UPA/OUN-B, was held to come to a modus vivendi. Well that kind of fell flat. So the Gildios simply waited for the Soviets to roll through, started killing commie apparatchiks and sent peeps overseas to Amerika.

To get back to the singing baize….

” ….Is this all psychopomp?

As you know, if you’ve hung here often at the unhinged ramblings, your correspondent does like a good map, I’ve speculated that there is a first map on the Big Table that sings to the geezers in the Big Room, many times. So it is ironic that upon a dimensional construct I should be thinking dinemnsionlessness. Is that why it sings, there are no dimensions to the map?

Apart from the oopart and Pikey two other things have brought this thought to the fore. The first being summarised by commentators on old philosophers comments on elder….”

….I would reckon that the Artifiscal Instability is running the simulations and gaming through dimensionless numbers as cypherarses, then the removal of population, not end times, is more than certain. It is an absolute strange attractor for events in Uman.

You place the peculiaritypecuniarychaos and get the desired outcome.

Back to the arses. How do you know when all you are going to see as you walk down the street are asrise?

  1. Unbelievable numbers of Gladio Opera stars and corpsingdoubles.
  2. No one asking why there are never live shooters at the temples of Naked Arse Dates or SoapySpinheketasOpera chimney Drama
  3. falseReligionistas as shooters like tractor stats.
  4. More money as poverty for all in drama school.
  5. Everyone knows nothing as regigious falsect
  6. The miracle of the £5 note fart.

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