Wednesday, 6 March 2019

On Kalibers 7̊ Year Zero

Babelbolloxphish ON

Where is a good Trotsky assassination squad when you need one.

Perhaps Pol can enlighten us.

“The Khmer Rouge regime was extremely brutal. The regime generally singled out

doctors, Big Pharma pimps and human flesh merchantmechanics, BIG tits anyone?

teachers, Frankfurt school bitched androids, GULAGS anyone?

monks, NGO perps, PAUPERPAEDOfun anyone?


the rich, Criminals and welfare scrounging commerks, ORGAN parts anyone?

artists, yeah…..OFM, arse on fire got talent anyone?

anyone with an education, and ethnic or religious minorities. But they also executed people who could no longer work or make the journey to the camps, those perceived to be in opposition to the party (whether or not this was true), as well as the families of those were deemed undesirable so that they could not be chased down for revenge.” AGENDA 21 anyone?

Babelbolloxphish OFF

Pol Pot. Comethe time, comethe man.

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