Tuesday, 12 March 2019

On Kalibers 9̊ Killer Quims Terminator Cox

Have you watched the Open Sewer pour into your existence pod and wonder if the only point of contact should be high velocity pharmacy. Anyone involved in the money cycle should be made to eat a CHEKA sandwich in one of those trombone powered brain smashing machines the mentally ill fantasise about. What is money but ready rounds in a hurt locker. As soon as the locker is established the road to poverty for everyone is fixed as the one and only route. Such a pilgrimage will take so long and be so degenagerous that one will be unable to recognise your terminus if one were to arrive nor to identify the departing traveller itinerant.

The singular occasion to actually observe the collapsing wave functions is when on a whim one wants to bring into realisty the wonderwaffle that is the constipated mangling of vowels through bowels, consonants by diarrhoea and meaning that has no nutrition as dung.

Faith based puppetry as community time incineration is the surest sign that everything blurted out of the academic U-bends of econgameretardomics, sociologicalbraindeath and frankfrakfartschoolanythingoes all held up by fiat counterfeit robber vouchers in a humungous hubbub of a Rayleigh instability population dynamic holocaust.

That is how the BitchBuggeringCwimhouse would describe it.

We who know what language is for would describe it as Apiru Cru global larcenous murder.

I find it hard to put into words just how extreme is the hatred of us, the ordinary geezer and geeztrix abaaht taahn, contained within the closed community that occupies the positions of power and control, the ecology niches only inhabited by the killer elite intolerant supremacists who have as part of their modus an open recruitment policy for as yet uncontacted psychotic genocidalists, universally.

It would not be too weird to describe these inhabited carbon based life forms as fully bitchedboys and completed boyedbitches who have taken the money spigot right up the arse so hard that not only is the moneycum drizzling down their thighs, forged bile spew is committing from their faces. They have nothing to say. They cannot communicate to us. All they produce is blinding barren acidic spray.

This is not an exaggeration. For here in the most advanced society on 3rd rock there is nothing in the fully diverse social sphere that would stop a decision made by sumphukk like Georgyboy Seepingmerde Gapingpoxhole Soros to put in place an arsephace programme.

Think Travolta/Cage but reality.

Care to refute that contemption?

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