Sunday, 10 March 2019

On Kalibers 8̊ A Bigting Zombion Riory Prion Mnesia Buttcoin

Whatever metrics are used to judge whether the Sentinal bins are FULL here in the Rothboss Capability garden, the first brownnoisomekhaantgarden to encompass a whole nation, we must assume that the optimum time to set off the next bygone is here and now. There is no point in triggering complete Cloward-Piven, just enough system overload and degeneration to have the replacement dormant structure of what is planned, unseen, for deployment once everyone is spent or dead in the aftermath. Just like 1938. If you think the Midden Set and assorted Rhodes Scoffers knew what was going on then you must think that Terroresa Traiter Mayn’t is something other than a replacement bitch.

Just checking into our history here in Dumnonistan, no not given history, real history, there are some hints in the 1930s that everything was going swimmingly.

The humantechnology had been deployed within the marxix and the home technostructure was in place. History never repeats exactly but it does follow the path layered by scaling industrial counterfeiting fortending to industrious ignorance and perspicacious sloth. Don’t forget that 200 years after Peterloo, UKplc is the most advanced garden on the planet having been dilluted continuously with fake fiat.

Today the scale of operational perpery is still global, much deeper, but the ecumenical maniacal instruments are transnational and exoatmospheric. The strategy never changes, a return to the garden where everyone who remains is amnesodroned and all weeds have been removed or returned to place, the scale though boggles the mind and as such is a part of the natural defences of the sacrament.

As has been noted before no one believes the big lie and therefore no one can contemplate ethic as untruly monstrous plan. Only those framed since birth to view kaleidoscopically in kryptomegalomania will move the pieces as carelessly as we would change channel on the DPRNKflix. Each piece contains 100 million persons and each piece will be destroyed or survive in the flux no matter the prayers of those so contained and washed away.

So can we see what is coming? Can we who could smell sanhedrinescariot on the day, we who asked the important questions like whether the 4th plane shootdown was Leibnitz meets Clausewitz or where were the 5th ad 6th planes targetted? You know; the ones the USG didn’t like flying. Are we smart enough in our cleverility?

Well what we can do is go back to where the current oplan started, e.g. the tacop of 9/11 is no where near the decade it rolled, that was the Bush 0.0 kill off of the air traffic controllers, so for the big one restart we look at the Fedscamatics and the desired outcomes from corollaries. As mentioned here before, the subroth were happy for the wealth farming to get into gear in the USofAcorp since it was going to man and finance the full integration of all globalkabbal killactivity.

counterGangsters ran USofA, Countergangsters ran USSR, roigangsters ran The Empires and of course a counterCountergang got patented in Geemany. All the plans for the next smooth transition into globalersatzgangs got stalled when someone made a grab for the tech in a massive failed pinchraid in 1944. 80 years later and the conditions ante bellum have been re-established and scalability being what it is we now need fully integrated counterfeitgangs running northsouth/southnorth whilst the perps get to fuck out of it all.

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