Saturday, 2 March 2019

Mami's Shit: Franco, Pétain, the Duke, and de Gaulle

Mami's Shit: Franco, Pétain, the Duke, and de Gaulle: From "How Zion Triumphs" by Jim Taylor (Foreign Correspondent). Several people, who have read some brief mention in one of my ...

I always thought that Franco was somehow a man out of time whenever the BitchBukkakeClub came all over our screens in the 1970s. Subsequently after many years of wandering through the ratline stories one picks up a little bit of a perspective on the swamp he schlepped around. Like the Great Grimpen mire the only safe way was in the hands of internationalist criminals and he instinctively stayed away. I think he sensed somehow that all was not well in the state WSW of Denmark.

Anyway perhaps more of that particular ultrabollox at some other point.

Meanwhile back at the scripted sewer pipe of history and the buzzing of vermin…..
“….arrival was not unanticipated. It had been highly publicized. Waiting for him were the French Army, the police, the Maquis and, of course, several hundred screaming Jews and Communists recruited from the dregs of Paris to attempt to demoralize the old soldier as he returned to the land of his birth. He was taken to a train by the army and the police. The Maquis, who didn't like Jews any more than the average Frenchman of the times, told the press that they were present to protect the old gentleman from the exploding wrath of Paris Jews, who had just returned to that city in large numbers as the fighting stopped in France. Several groups of these lower forms of life were shouting, "Death to Pétain." About 150 heavily-armed police and soldiers took custody of Pétain. He was met personally by General Pierre Koenig, French military governor of Paris and a former leader of the Free French movement.

The old marshal must have been stunned by this unusual reception in his own country, where he had always previously received the highest honors and privileges. Jews and Communists lined every station platform at each stop of his train from the Swiss border to Paris. The Marshal did not yet fully realize the situation he found himself in at this time. To the screaming crowds of rabble-rousers, he was no longer the "eminence grise" but was now called a Jew-hating war criminal. The police had to call on the army to prevent the Jews from dragging him off the train in Paris and murdering him without a trial,……”

Now as you know I do like a bit of Levenda, however I have formed the opinion that he doth emphasise the Caucasian ratline too much. The only ratlines are the original and best, the semitic weapon system’s Ho Chi Minhs from Phoenician days and before. If ever one needs to know why industrial scale counterfeiting of liquidity is needed before the lights go out just look at the well fed, well financed, worry free, workshy clowns who all over the world have nothing else to do but swarm like blowflies when the dog whistles sound. As detailed above briefly.

All quantitative easing has done is smooth the pathways of young vacant universalistkillermuppets to form everywhere.

Leadership my erse!

Just watch.

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