Thursday, 28 February 2019

On Kalibers 5̊

The upper limit of heaving stuff using chemical propellants from tube artillery is c2Km/s. Has been ever since gunpowder got bagged. Even such a simple fact leads to some well mental bits of metal mickey. High pressure pumps, barrels of 100 cals and of course Canuckgeezers getting Mosseded because bits of UKplcfashionedsteel were parked in the area where Talmudic terrorists were blowing up synagogues before they got Nobel peace prizes as Prime Ministers of Palestine in Tel Aviv.

Even if you go all James C Maxwell via a time mechanic from Habsburgaria you still get a designer failure when modern fools design bridges to know where that drop on those lawfully going about their business in Florida. DDG 1000 anyone? BTW has anyone noticed that at no point ever, anywhere, anytime has the modern faith based catechism stopped human traffickers, child slavers, sex criminals, hyper thieves and fake human beings from globalising perpery as a lifestyle choice?

Well to you and me, who haven’t imbibed at the halal KosherFC, Soylent Green bangers and  recycled human remains fast food franchises, this might seem a failure. However if we allow out sights to drift into wizard of ounces land we can frame their criminal reality as success.

Firstly one needs to satisfy oneself that this is not an isolated example of retarded development. Can we point to other examples of the state of the art in the ordinary person’s hands being more primitive than our knowledge?

Quite simple really. Everything that moves the current aggregated aggressive pinnacle of the human container’s development, UKplc, is or emerged from the conzentrationslagercomplex. Have you checked the education system, everyone from the dumps cannot think for themselves and most cannot read, write or count. The gulags look like psychosecurefacilities with their ever watching barbed word fences, CCTV and scanners. Even the kapos of the system, park their unloved quimdroppings in dead zone pressure pad surrounded compounds.

All the furniture used by the tattooed heroes here is made from workcamp saw mill chemically treated cast offs. Transport is being removed and no one will leave the Gattaca ward. All medical procedures are to be handed over to Arsehole Intelligence and hobobots. Food is simply industrial waste.

One could go on and on forever.

Right here, right now in the smoke we are being urged by the Baby Buggering Convenience not to use coins to park our cars because gangs are using hoovers to vacuum coins from the meters. OFM! Faith based morons have imported the vibrants to give the street furniture white good blow jobs. FFS!!!

Anyway as the inmates here stare up their fumingfannies using shiksaflashlights and skankmirrors or wonder where to shuv their drippingtumescent goybellends today, let us all rejoice, for the wandering travel passed organ donating, donner kebab herd have no mistaken idea about anything other than money as nihilism made fleshed.

Why does the sacrament of conception occur as far as possible from the brain?

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