Sunday, 18 October 2015

Wot bitchboybitches do in front of a dumb public. No GWOT just boybitch warkriminals slaking their thirst for hollow idolitary.

One needs to keep in mind that all this is part of the removal of USofA from sticking its useless nose into Roth business. The USofA, e.g. see Sergeant York, JFK, MacArthur et al, has been verily fucking up the Roth global business prospectus for over 70 years now and it will stop.

So bearing in mind that the ChiComms have been the bestest buddies for Tel Aviv/London for over 40 years now, UKplc has been nothing but a parasite on USofA corp for 70 years and the nukes are all in Roth hands, the very fact that we can see this pixelMSMbollox today is nothing more than the continuation of a drive for USofA corps isolation again.

“The damning memo, from Secretary of State Colin Powell to President George Bush, was written on March 28, 2002, a week before Bush’s famous summit with Blair at his Crawford ranch in Texas.
In it, Powell tells Bush that Blair ‘will be with us’ on military action. Powell assures the President: ‘The UK will follow our lead’.
The disclosure is certain to lead for calls for Sir John Chilcot to reopen his inquiry into the Iraq War if, as is believed, he has not seen the Powell memo.
A second explosive memo from the same cache also reveals how Bush used ‘spies’ in the Labour Party to help him to manipulate British public opinion in favour of the war.
The documents, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, are part of a batch of secret emails held on the private server of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton which U.S. courts have forced her to reveal.”

Anyway I hope everyone in the so called democrazies know how ordinary Soviet comrades and Weimar citizens felt when they were looking at the phukkwitz lording it over them circa 1925. Soon you will know how it felt to be a Hungarian or Polish comrade circa 1946/56/66/76/86....

Take it away guys..Teargas chukkin, baton wieldin, tazer slingin, gas zingin, head crackin, face bootin, terminatin, bovver fukkin, stealth entrappin, school killin, ever snoopin, life takin ever shootin death spittin.............. ZOMO


All engineered to undermine your mental welbeing and coming to a high street near you soon peoples, thanks to Soros, Zbig, Heinrich and its multiflyingcoloredfuckwitzbamboozletronic psychosickodelik allinclusivemoneyburningravesideshow.

PS. Not you of course UKplc after 500 years you’ve been turned into McPukepigs, advertmongs, googlewinfarts, SKRYcrops and rent seeking war criminal sheltering terrorist breeding sterling silver service sterile royal herbgardenerbitches and gardenshedboys now.