Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Perm or Magnitogorsk

Or that which Skorzeny couldn’t achieve.

We shall take a little time off from mongheathen bashing and staring at the Hyper Littoral for a change. Today, for one day only, we shall take a scan at the likeliest operational nudge in the current strategy of removing Europeans and replacing them with pastoral lay abouts.

As readers here will know the current doses of high velocity pharmacy being dished out like sweeties by projectiles without frontiers at the western end of the Hyper Littoral War are simply house tidying exercises of the 19th century strategy of removing Teutonic and Slavs.

When one is a self replicating token descendent of the godfrod one does not do anything other than on the millennial magnitide. As I noted previously the current scale of operations must be viewed as global and half millennial in scope. As an aside I see Marco Spaghetti Polo recon/intel and Captain Dead in the Surf Cook remapping, as book ends for this end of epoch restoration of global trouble making. In the future once global memory has been erased the most likely new religion will not be some UN muppetry but a lethal inbred bunch of exo-psychonauts with a planetary fetish.

Anyway back on course.

We are watching the planned tactical removal of USofA corp.; you were never part of the operational plan, from Eurasia. Zbig is too full of shit to notice how he’s been fertilised this past 60 years. Heinrich however gives the clearer idea of what has gone on. Everything the Ziocreepzoid panda squeezer and ChiComm groomer has been associated with involves the destruction of USofA corp, not its power projection.

In the primary operational plan which has seen the removal of all general technological activity and its replacement with general skivvying and selected scientific activity in faith, the remaining islands of independent know how must be eradicated from Europe. The source of Eurabo freedom is being erased right in front of your eyes by every choice we make in the religiocommerce of commercial mercs.

“So where are you talking about?” I hear you sigh.

OK slip on the bankster goggles and we can see the targets.  For over 3500 years the slow drip, drip Eurabo removal has taken place in a clock wise direction out of Lake Satan. First Nth Africa then Iberia, Rome, then slowly north through Gaul and halt at the Rhein. Then we get a transfer of attention to rolling the old Eurabos out of the ME.

Now I know that you are thinking “This isn’t what I was taught in history lectures”. Well the problem about these history lectures is that they are serious academic treatises dealing with documents and as such are sabotaged at source by most of the scribblers.

What makes you think that all of history has not been created by crisis scribes and actors? All one needs to do is make sure that the characters you want to star in your historical production have the money and everyone else is poor. Then get your academics funded post facto to study diaries, documents and travels et voila you have real cooked history books.

Real history has always died unwritten.

So entertain the thought that every royal court has been staffed and stuffed by nothing but a bunch of thesps running around and funded to cause chaos and phukkmuppetry as directed recordings. Every parliament has been a cockpit of comedians swilling around statutes and producing acts. Every society has been cast as drunkards in deed and amnesiac in aim. State stage funded poltroons the lot.

I give you the EU parliament and the Vatican.

Why should today be so special on the false flag front? Scalability. Today you take down two towers and create global cinema. 500 years ago the limits of the broadcast meant you sabotaged the king’s seed, caused a crisis in succession or murdered a random courtly family member. Perhaps burned the palace down or inconvenient minds at the stake. If one really was in trouble with the project a good famine/plague might be called for. How about just stealing everything using religiocommerce?

Anyway once again back on topic.

If Russia, the last Eurabo stronghold, I mean check out what has been done to the Teutons, plays its cards right there will be a maasseeev false flag blamed on Caucasian rebs, Chechen, Tartar, Kalmyk?, who knows?, it doesn’t matter, you will know it when you see it since the altMSM has been programming with rubbish about tacnukes going of from Aleppo to Aden. Once the London funded creepzoids around the Kurdistan nucleus are coalesced because of Russian injection into Syria, it can take mere months when the money is shovelled in, Imperial Russia anyone, and pointed northwards, the final part of the 4000 year long operation will be ending just as the HLW kicks off.

Oh did I mention that UKplc will be in lock down and the newly imported terrorist families will be turned to crown use and lionised, after the 2-3 billions are dead, as heroes as usual.

Now Putin cannot be ignorant of this dynamic and if he thinks that bringing in the ChiComms is going to help him he is going to be sadly mistaken when the Beijing Horse disgorges Roth mongheathen inside the gates and Brasilia drops the Venetian mask at the ball.

Several objectives will be achieved in that one blast. Eurasia cleaved until the nucleotides recede. No more troublesome Johnny come lately abos occupying post glacial prime pastoral land. No more inconvenient belief systems. No more progress. No more false religions. No more Eurabos.

Oh forgot to add that just as the coloneviloids are waiting to dish Iceland for getting all Eurabo non compliant and anti semitic uppity you can be sure that Russia dissing Roth in 1815 has never been forgotten by the Ziokreepzoids and Robomongheathen.

Ziokreepzoids and Robomongheathen a collection of Turing Fail repetitive empty set infinite evil loops that should be scissioned into meaning.