Monday, 5 October 2015

Fake ass….

….creepzoids, turds in suits, workshy wordphuckers. Like all these lazy, humanity hating scribes and their cumholders, they just want all the rest of us to keep them in comfort and flesh, whilst everyone else starves and dies ignorant.

Absolutely everything they want us to believe is fakir, make believe, pestilential and toxic. All their systems are lethal; whether it be religious, scientific, business or relgiocommercial. Everything they touch turns to ordure. They should not be allowed to be in charge of a dog shit bin let alone a fly trap. Just count the number of bodies that have turned up under these eviloids’ watch since the djinn possessed  them during the larcenous run out of Egypt lead by the insurance fire starter Moshe.

Everything that is of value to us they and their goons either steal or kill.

Whatever the Ba’al worshipping clown in the holy Ronald McD outfit and his Gelded money worhsipping slavering asswipe in the active sociocamo gear believe they have nothing to offer anyone. Never have, never will and should be ridiculed for their non stop fuckmuppery of a travelling theft circus and gulag bank at every and all opportunity.

I love this comment from Lolathecur.

by lolathecur on 09/28/2015 - 11:42 pm
duct tape that fake ass pope to to that statue and blow it up!!!!!! Just make sure it does not get blamed on dem moooozlums.”

In fact strap every one of these money worshipping, timewasting, god fakationists to a heaven bound pyre and leave them to roast in hell. What a plague of disease vectors we have in our midst.

Everything that we have ever done for our betterment has been achieved despite the parasitic cockgrovelling phukkers!!!

I wonder how many persons had to die to create that pile of metalmickeydom, if money is involved there is always death accompanying the scrip
, and how big a great big iGREEN award it got from the iGREEDY?

Everything in a bancinsynamosqurch orgasms over money and nothing else, no matter how much secular ceremony, ecumenical sex ritual and sacred murder they dress it up in.

BWAHAHAHAAAAA……from Patagosinai