Friday, 2 October 2015

Vampire light. Or. On IR. 34.

Let us step out and far away from the whos, the whys, the probakalistic fakery and just stare at what we know about what was actually what in the obscurantist, smoke driven die and occluded battlefield before Sun Tzu and von Clausewitz got all phukked by the historical equivalence of Heisenberg and the Hollyweird cat.

Only one installation was financed, equipped and mobilised to make war. USSR by the current front for the stone age hand cranked child sacrificing Roth/Rock.

Only one installation was allowed to range free on, inbred selfbudding gaudfraudsquad Roth, patent. IJ.

Everyone else was in a state of Roth engineered weakness and Rock instrumented poverty. When one realises that the Norwegian commies were deliberately disabling their country in order that the USSR could walk on in, one can see the COMINTERN hard at work in the starving body of the west. Notice that no one in the COMINTERN was ever short of cash, food, booze or hooker duvets. One other thing that we have to realise is that the idea of freedom is in reality not valued, not internalised and not welcomed as a primary requirement for peace in the west. Happiness? Yes but that is a warm revolver.

Just look at UKplc. This paragon of freedom has spent the best part of the past 100 years as locked down open prison, rationed weapons camp and pass-law killer expeditionary. It is now a wrecked kitchen garden about to be rewilded.

Similar any other NATO member. Give them toys, fuckholes and disco flares and they will wipe millions from the face of the planet whilst at peace camp.

So what did the geezers, slaking themselves with on call kick start ladyboy expendables, expect once the Slavs and Teutons were all dead? What did they expect the world to look like circa 1945, as they ordered the bodies removed form their estates and dungeons in 1938? What did a killer oligarch want for the world?

Did it want clean depopulated beaches with an unbroken field of fire upon which to go night scope whore hunting? Did they neither want the human pelts unblemished by thorn, barbed wire nor projectile punctured as they cruised around a deserted helot paradise in their Rolls Royce? Did they desire human buttock skin cushions over their air bags?

Well the one thing they were looking forward to, we can state with certainty, was at least 100million dead Europeans. Do not expect Stalin to not have used gas and do not expect London not to have welcomed that use. London and New York fed, financed and teched the whole thing anyway. Just like the ChiComms have been financed today and will be told to shift into killer mode soon. One does not invest in weapons just to gaze at them on parade. Remember this is a cold CBA. Fine wines or bombs. Only the later if they are going to be used immediately and return more fine wines. Other wise the war gets stoppered. And do not expect any so called democracy to refuse to go along with the plan. Just look at UKplc, the mother of parliaments and home of the Magna Farta; it has always done as instructed. Give the abofools bare rations, Big Muppet and pox infected blankets and watch the dead persons in foreign lands pile up.

To get a feel for how things will pan out in the very long term one must view the lands Europeans occupy, in situ as weeds, from a Babylonian gardener’s perspective. To be cleared and replaced with plants in their place. Once one gets that then the random events that take place over several decades can be discounted, the psychohistoric trends of centuries can be ignored and the religions of millennia can be pissed on.

Even then one must remember that this is only the gardener’s view.

The land owner, most likely Batagascan, has a vintage blue print.

Anyway back to 1945 as viewed from 1938.

Exhausted Europe 1945 with socialist administration of Europe north of the Alps and East of Rhine. USSR a Trotskyite mental state deserted and denuded, waiting to fall to anyone not bled dry.

The British Empire alive and well. The French Empire dented badly. The Netherlands Empire gone. The US and IJ bleeding out in the Pacific.

The Nastiness, who cares about billions of printed Reich marks and 12 fictitious years, hiding out in Argentina thanks to gold prospecting ratlines there since the 19th century.

The game players would then have been ChiComms and Donmeh for the Project for the Non American Century.

Now I know what you are thinking. What a load of bollox! Well you’ve lost that loving feeling from the blue print.

Not enough Europeans died. The weeds were still in place and thriving post 1945.

All that has happened is that the management team of 1938 got hauled in for a tête-à-têtes after their mess got moderated to a shut down, got retired, lessons learned etc. and a new management team given the patent in 1947 with a wider briefing to include operations in Rote Norte Amerika.

Now I know that those of you who have lasted so far are now rolling your eyes again and thinking if not groaning “Why, why do I continue into these ashmiddens?” but this means you are not thinking like one of the pull start harlot killers yet. You do not see as they do, rationalise like the scum, remember as an unbroken lineage at war with Earth. The geezers in the Big Room with all the fine wines and hot and cold mortuary epicurean delights on call, like blood and stem cells, are not like us. They are topiary, we are nettles. We are to be consumed, they are to live.

In a 60,000 year rebuild project with many set backs and almost complete extinctions on the way, nothing will make sense to those who live their daily lives with a 7 day event horizon as the norm. And if the blue print got damaged then nothing makes sense to anyone.

Yahwehmoney is just the latest tool for the scale of humanity this epoch.

So with that in mind we can see that the rebuilding of dimensionless science was a great shock to the indirectional metamanagers when it dropped out of what should have been a simple extinction event and turned into a shambles for control. It revealed a split in their carefully constructional external monomania as yahwehmanoeybaloney was abandoned by the most creative peoples on earth.

Over at BMan there is a great encapsulation of the problem we face in so many areas as we sit around the court and its whispred intrigues, kept and suffered only so long. Those of us wondering just why we keep getting distracted by murders in the drawing room, shootings in the stables, rumour from the Queen’s bed chamber, strange doings in the King’s observatory and sudden sniping from outside the windows, we are the ones in danger of getting made poor or murdered by the background radiation made manifest, immersing the whole enterprise of hate, suddenly appearing to us in the shadows of our noseyness. How dare we ignore the expensive shows staged, in real life with real dead people, to entrance us.

Have you noticed that all the great researchers and stoned oil investigators have not found out anything in the past 70 years. The trillions and trillions of hours, the millions of lives, the resources devoted to finding out really important things like who sniped who, who flew who and who did what to whom with what is all, all of it, a Punch and Judy show in a court anteroom for the unsocialised in every population to gawp at in paralysis. I mean what bit of almost everything that has come out of the giant distillation flask known as USofA corp is nothing but essence of manoil? Every MUFON member should have gone muff diving or sword swallowing and got a life! Breakaway civilisation? Go plant some carrots then go build a jump room and see which miracle is realised! FFS!

Meanwhile outside of the palace grounds and out at the high wall real people, who smell too badly, to be allowed into the kitchens are being slaughtered in the gazillions. All the time though, servants like Soros and the corporate corpse pilers, are constantly looking for replacements for the current palace head count.

and then consider how you will feel when time is called to abandon the first line of Holodefence, most likely when Russia is finished being injected into a reaction synthesis in the ME, and then, on cue, you find out that lots of jews really were executed by the evil corporates in a program of mass slaughter. Only jews mark you. You will be completely disarmed for you never asked the correct questions in the first place which would have saved you from being fucked over again.

There is a room in the palace where jews were killed so you have to ask yourself who took the jews inside and why you were never invited so, why the jews kept it for themselves, what they did in there, who the dead jews were, why is the room sealed now and where did its contents go?

Quick now before Soros has you liquidated and replaced by the ignorant who never would investigate such non sense.