Saturday, 17 October 2015

The extraordinary inaction horizon of humanity, its memory half life and its far reaching consequences.

The Extraordinary Criminality Of The US Government And US Military -

Let us not forget that there is a Malaysian airlines B777 missing somewhere, sometime.

Although there are lots and lots of persons staring hard at the MH17 shoot down and connecting it directly with various repeats of rumours circulating in the royal boudoir and bed chambers of the court, we should at best simply file these away as immediate staging and arranging of magic circle paedophile malarkey for the children.

Whatever the child molesters have encore for us we will not get wind of it whilst they pleasure themselves as execution, so we kneed, not stand, by the pooch and Judy show awaiting violation.

No; in order to make sense of this we must divorce ourselves from unreality by the throne and step out into the dark cold nighttimes where the creatures lurk who envy our position in the coddling smothering skirts of the killer state. It is after all safe in there, though a killing zone; one can understand why joyless Rovian andrones, sterile bitchboys and jaffa boybitches succeed in cutting off their reality organs by ejaculating so much man made fukkallity muck.

So away we go, quietly, out the kitchen garden door, over the wall and into the shadows in the hills to stare back at the warm glow leaking through the stage curtained high windows of the sky high palace. Out where the feral orphans of poverty scavenge and the stealth suited wet teams, plugging all leaks and non believers on Logan’s Run, lie in fracatality.

What can we spy from out of our vantage under the trees atop the mound?

One thing we can see is a long trained, by UKplc, local cadre of shoot down specialists not yet auctioned and cronytrolled out of Jordan. The current foray by Russian forces has been anticipated by UKplc/RCE/LC for at least two years. Expect something with big fans to go down and the Russians to get the blame.

Sikh specialists in waiting, for return to Delhi chaos, when the time is required there.

These are the some of themguys at work in the long grass of the kitchen garden. So who is at work extending the garden in order to control rewild the herbs? Well we know that the herbalists never stop working for the pharmacy but where are they working?

This brings us to the B777 that blinked out. Now we have to bear in mind that this is a 24/7 criminal watch tower that we live our lives under. Fart and one gets fined. Flash in the Indian Ocean and they are onto you inmediamente. Staring from space is the never blinking eye. So how does one take out a B777? Simples, one dithers the systems from inside the decision loops. Like JFK got deathered.

Now why would one do such a thing?

Well if one has engineered the desired introduction of Russia into the ME and prepared the ground years before hand, e.g. by training sleeper shoot down teams using UK fuerzes especiales, then sneaking out a B777 from circulation in full view requires an operational requirement that makes the ME look like a side show. I mean one could simply black programme the production lines, search the bone yards or take out the lease on an airframe from the many available. However that would mean breaking the spell.

There is a reason why a B777 from Malaysia is required for the ceremony.

What could that be?....mmmmmm.

What could that be then?

I have posited that the major work for the next 500yearequivalent of destruction, as the one just finishing was of Europe, is the destruction of India and/or Indo Nesia. The focus of the geezers in the Big Room has moved there for perhaps the past 100 years or so. Europe got the focus in 1600. China got the evil eye in 1100. India got the spot light in 1900.

How would a Malaysian 777, full of Chinese, going “missing” be useful for extighuishing natural human memory from the ark extending from Karachi to Bali in the near future?