Thursday, 22 October 2015

SNAFU!: McCain calls DEATH SPIRAL for F-35!!!!!

30 years of uniformed defeat.

There are two battlefields in this world. One is a total wasteland where only you remain standing. The other is the one where the enemy is now no longer so because of your magnanimity and applied wisdom. Everything else is a sign of utter phukkwittery.

I find myself inhabiting some sort of strange phukkedwitz theme park turned live weapons camp. There is no battle field only random gunfire and uncertain sniper in the shopping mall. Combat under the apple trees and ninjas in the olive press house.

So what brings on this miserable thoughtmong?

Well I think we are in a Darius moment. Or from the other side’s perspective, their Alexander is about to turn up.

Looking back at all the falsified future production numbers given up as promises to the war gods by the priests of the Elected, Commies and Corporatism in the past, I can safely say that with the hind sight of watching carefully I did not need any hind sight to notice that ever since the 1960s some one has been sabotaging the fabric of society through spouting nonce sense. It is not gunmetal and gunpowder inflation that is sapping the numbers on the flight line. It is the increasing financier of the fine silken priestly robes that are bankrupting the nation. Once upon a time the war god’s representatives on Earth would stand in the freezing prop wash or get a pair of safety boots on to tour the press shops and forges. Now these clowns need to be carried around by 160 eunuchs in a charabanc shagging shop staffed by two dozen kick start slave whoreboys and 30 hand picked hand pull manmaidens. All anti virals and lube charged to the defence budget.

So, bearing in mind that someone in 1960 in a think tank, RAND I think,  calculated that the entire defence budget would buy one bomber by 1970, I take pleasure in the reflection that all the operations conducted this passed quarter century could have been carried out by slow rolling B57s and nimble F20s for the price of one F22 and a cost saving of many tens of trillions of dollars.

I can identify two immediate savings in one particular day. Sep 10th 2001. Rumsfeld would not have had to mention that 2+trillions was missing from the Def Budget and the Air Guard F20s would have been so thick in the sky that nothing would have farted near New Yoik or Washington AC/DC without getting 20mm and sidewinders up the ass.

Night stalking B57s would have sailed serenely through the cloaking electro optic sky to protect the poppy fields, wedding parties, schools and hospitals instead of using massively expensive B1s or massively over personned B52s. BTW did anyone notice how quickly the F117 got pulled? Makes you wonder if they were in service way back when and the stealth legend is time front loaded.

I know I know, allow me my delusional speculation but you must admit there is something terribly ominous in the fact that we are now behaving like the degenerate satrapies and tyrannies that classical heroes went out and took down.

So we’ve got the clown that fired up a massive carrier disaster, squawked in Hanoi Sing-Sing, sweet talked ISIS and now talking bullshit.

Fuck me!!!

SNAFU!: McCain calls DEATH SPIRAL for F-35!!!!!: Thanks to Don for the link! via Defense News. In a brief comment to reporters, McCain seemed to signal that the total projected buy for ...